Insight into the type suction a top air disinfection machine parameters and installation

by:Funglan     2020-11-11
Small make up today to share the environment air disinfection machine type suction a top product parameters and installation requirements, let's look at his overview of simple working principle. Using semiconductor patent technology of plasma of bacterial decomposition and break, to filter dust purification and adsorption, filtration sterilization after lysozyme technology, photocatalytic catalytic device, anion generator and other components of the secondary sterilization filtration, the treated clean air circulation flow rapidly and keep in the controlled environment in & other; Sterile clean room & throughout; Standard, satisfies the requirement of national Ⅱ, Ⅲ medical environment. adopts patent type suction a top semiconductor technology, efficient purification, efficient sterilization, intelligent control, man-machine coexist. Access to the national utility model patents and invention patents, let's look at the air disinfection machine type suction a top product model and parameters: product model and parameters: name said VBY - type number type Q's largest circulation air ( m3 / h) 600/800 purification efficiency ( %) ≥ 90 noise [ dB( A) ] ≤ 60 ultraviolet photocatalytic life ( h) ≥ The ozone concentration (8000 mg/m3) ≤ 0. 1 (uv lamp life H) ≥ 8000 ultraviolet leakage ( μ w/c㎡ ) ≤ 5 the ozone concentration ( mg/m3) ≤ 0. 08 ionization device working voltage ( Kv) ± 5. 0 ~ 10. Rated power input (0 VA) ≤ 180/200 - environmental temperature and humidity 5℃~ 45℃勒; HR supply voltage and frequency ~ 90% AC220V & plusmn; 22v 50Hz± 0. 5 hz type air sterilizer overall dimensions (type suction a top mm) 645 ( L) x645( W) x380( H) Installation dimensions ( mm) 600 ( L) x600( W) x380( H) Installed as shown, installation requirements: (1) separation of smallpox, such as smallpox to opening and equipped with maintenance for whole channel; (2) above the floor of the smallpox of not less than 500 mm, and the installation location without central air conditioning pipe and fire pipe; (3) for each machine on the smallpox users need 50 hz three-phase 220 v power socket.
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