Installation steps and technical requirements of air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-22
The installation steps and technical requirements of air disinfection machines. Many users will consider its installation steps and inspection requirements when purchasing. According to this question, the editor has sorted out some air disinfection machine installation, debugging and testing methods for everyone, hoping to help Need users. 1. Unpacking and inspection of the product 1. Unpacking and precautions 1) Take out the two plastic bags in the box, which contain the product instruction manual, packing list, warranty and installation and fixing accessories; 2) Take out the foam around the equipment Plastic; 3) Take out the equipment and prepare for installation. 2. Check content: 1) Whether there are any leftovers in the box; 2) Whether the appearance of the equipment is damaged or scratched; 3) Whether the equipment is shaken gently, such as small metal parts, etc.; 4) Whether the equipment is taken out and installed The packing list matches. 2. Installation technical requirements of the equipment 1. Installation method of the mobile air sterilizer: Open the packing box, take out 4 runners, and install them in the four round holes on the bottom of the product with the installation tool. It is convenient to use Can move at will. 2. Installation method of wall-mounted air disinfection machine: A. Installation requirements: 1) The height of the mounting plate is 2m from the ground, and the hanging plate is fixed with 4 random metal expansion screws; 2) The specification of metal expansion screws is M8ⅹ75mm; 3) Metal Insert the expansion screw into the mounting hole on the hanging plate; 4) The hanging plate should be fixedly installed on the metal expansion screw and shall not be loose; 5) Make sure that the equipment hanging plate is parallel to the wall; 6) Hang the equipment on the hanging plate. B Installation steps: 1) Drill two 10mm mounting holes perpendicular to the wall with an electric impact drill; 2) Insert M8ⅹ75mm metal expansion screw and use a tool to fasten a screw pad; 3) Put the metal hanging plate parallel to the ground Now fasten the second screw field; 4) Then drill two 10mm mounting holes to fasten the hanging plate; 5) Hook up the equipment; 6) Insert the power plug into the power outlet that meets the power requirements; manually select each item The function confirms that the machine is working normally. 3. The installation method of the ceiling-mounted air sterilizer: It is installed on the ceiling in a hidden way, and the height from the ceiling slab should not be less than 500mm. For the overall ceiling, it needs to open holes and be equipped with maintenance channels.
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