Instruction Manual for Ceiling Medical Air Sterilizer

by:Funglan     2021-03-31
The ceiling-mounted medical air disinfection machine will have a set of standard instructions for use when it leaves the factory, so that the purchaser can get a general understanding of the product when using it. The structure, function and use method of the product are introduced in detail. Generally, ceiling-mounted The instructions for use of the medical air sterilizer include the following aspects: The following content should be included:   1) product name, model, specification;   2) product company name, registered address, production address, contact information and after-sales service unit;   3) disinfection product manufacturer sanitary license number;   4) product implementation standard number ;  5) Product performance, function, main structure, and scope of application;   6) Precautions and other warnings or reminders;   7) Installation and operating instructions or pictures;   8) Product maintenance and maintenance methods, special storage conditions, method.  Medical air sterilizer manual better provides you with instructions.  Recommended article reading:   1. How long does the air disinfection machine normally run?   2. How to use the air sterilizer   3. How to set the time of the air disinfection machine
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