Interior decoration pollution detection pay attention to? The plasma air sterilization

by:Funglan     2020-10-15
Interior decoration pollution detection pay attention to? The plasma air sterilization machine do you have any tips? With the improvement of people's living standard, the quality of life has been improved, exquisite luxury decoration, so there are a lot of decoration materials are highly toxic, so should be in normal family house after decorate good ventilation after a month to begin to check in, but many owners because of the lack of this knowledge did not know how to decorate pollution tests to determine the check-in time, below small make up and share several common decoration pollution detection considerations and decorate pollution problems to judge and solve small tips? Interior decoration pollution detection? Interior decoration pollution detection? 1. For some decorate owner, decoration pollution detection did not cause enough attention. Part owner think, use the environmental protection building materials, environmental protection furniture will not have to worry about indoor pollution. According to expert analysis, the current domestic building materials to achieve environmental protection standard, still contain some harmful substance, just in the permitted range. Newly decorated house gathers a variety of building materials, paint, furniture sends out a gas, the harmful gas is still likely to exceed bid. 2. Indoor air quality testing market is not standard, charges not unified and the cause of residents do not apply for testing ( How much is the indoor air testing) 。 Because quite a number of consumers, no lack of legally binding inspection report, in front of a lot of decoration pollution facts, many consumers are violated with decorate a company, building materials manufacturers, such as a lawsuit, but in the end really seldom win. 3. In order to guarantee the quality of decoration materials, many consumers choose to buy material, then find decorate team, that you lack the necessary contracts and other legal basis, lead to legal responsibility is difficult to determine. Indoor decoration pollution common problems to judge and solve small tips? 1. Animal and plant reaction the safest plants and animals live in the same room with people, is about to see how the reaction of the animal and plant at this moment, if the animals stay in their new home after a drop in activity, sick, plants die, yellow, and so on and so forth, suggests new environmental protection index is unqualified, decorate pollution could harm to people's health. Need to install air plasma sterilizer try at this moment, can not only detect the PM2 in the air. Particle number 5, you can also remove the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia, purify air, the output of fresh air. 2. Self test what is the most intuitive self test? For example: after the family is decorated, in a period of time indoors family low immunity, down easy exhaustion, and so on and so forth. Feel irritating smell, especially when close to a furniture feel eyes tears, etc. Indoor decoration pollution, at this time of the need for air disinfection purification as soon as possible, remove the indoor air pollution and decoration pollution. Solution, can choose air disinfection machine such as: wall, a variety of styles and cabinet type suction a top plasma air sterilization machine, according to the actual space and economic budget, reasonable and appropriate equivalent of choose and buy air disinfection purification machine. 3. What are the harm of formaldehyde harm to human body formaldehyde carcinogenicity, formaldehyde is also a kind of strong mutagenic and carcinogenic substances, is one of the cause of cancer death risk factors, a variety of animal experiments proved that formaldehyde is a carcinogenic agent and agent to promote cancer. More reports show that exposure to formaldehyde in the crowd tumor mortality was significantly higher than that of non exposed group. In all contacts, children and pregnant women are especially sensitive to formaldehyde, the harm is even greater. Formaldehyde is high toxic substances, toxic chemicals in our country priority control formaldehyde ranked second on the list. The harm of formaldehyde symptoms 'provisions of the state of formaldehyde per cubic meter allows content is 0. 08年/ m3》( 1) When the formaldehyde content in indoor air reaches 0. 06 - 0. 8 mg/m3, children's mild asthma occurs; ( 2) When the formaldehyde to exceed bid 2 times to 0. 2 mg/m3, it is faulty and discomfort. ( 3) When the formaldehyde to exceed bid 3 times to 0. 3 mg/m3, can stimulate an eye, cause tears; ( 4) 4 times when the formaldehyde exceeds bid 0. 4 mg/m3, can cause throat discomfort or pain; ( 5) 5 times when formaldehyde exceeds bid 0. 5 mg/m3, can cause nausea and vomiting, chest cough, asthma and pulmonary edema; ( 6) Concentration in per cubic meter of air up to 30 mg/m3, would immediately kill people. We can according to their own actual situation, choose suitable for their own removal methods of formaldehyde, solve the family decorates pollution, ensure that you and your family health. 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