Interpretation of the medical use of wall-mounted air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-10-11
Reading medical wall-mounted air disinfection machine specification on medical wall-mounted air sterilizer application of semiconductor technology, plasma sterilization dust removal technology, etc. ; Is superior to traditional uv and ozone disinfection equipment; Disinfection completely without residual; Affordable medical plasma air sterilization machine. Use antibacterial mouldproof mesh, circulation fan, plasma high voltage electric field, light catalyst, anion generator and air purification machine in the composition of intelligent controller. Its purification principle is: indoor air after antibacterial mouldproof first filter, filter out hair, coarse particles in the air, after plasma electrostatic dust removal technology is sterilization through ionization device on low current high voltage pulse power supply, form the ultra high frequency pulse discharge, the ground state to get enough energy of gas and ion oxidation bacteria, viruses, TVOC materials and particles in the air, etc. , under the action of coulomb force, the dust in the air displacement to the electric dust collector plate, realize indoor air pure and fresh and natural. Inhibition of the air pollution, purify indoor air, improve indoor air quality, improve people's health. A, medical wall-mounted air disinfection disinfection machine maintenance: 1. Keep the disinfection machine clean and dry. Disinfection every day after work with a wet cloth to wipe the surface. When cleaning, should cut off the power and pull out the power source, avoid direct contact with water or rinse. 2. Disinfection machine is working, it is forbidden to make the object or hand close to disinfect machine ventilation inlet and outlet; When transporting, loading and unloading shall be to prevent the product hard knock or fall on the ground. 3. Detect disinfection machine work ( Failure to display or alarm) , you should immediately shut off the power switch and pull out the power plug, telephone inform the general affairs section or professional maintenance personnel to check. 4. Disinfection machine using the cumulative time of 1000 hours, should be cleaning filter cloth and uv lamp; Uv lamp use time of 5000 ~ 8000 hours must be replaced, pay attention to the usage of spare uv lamp start, timely records and inform. 5. No cover on party shall disinfection, also should not be subjected to such as contained in the environment; Multiple environmental disinfection should jog in turn light, reduce the vibration. 6. According to the sterilization machine manual installation and operation, pay attention to electricity safety. Without the guidance, training, read the instructions or ordered is strictly prohibited. Second, medical wall-mounted air disinfection machine maintenance and cleaning requirements: ( 1) , should unplug the power plug before cleaning and maintenance. Clean with warm water or neutral detergent, disable gasoline, benzene and other chemicals. Don't make the electrical system be affected with damp be affected with damp during cleaning. ( 2) , external and pre filter into the wind window cleaning by using the department in charge of, a day of scrubbing machine surface and air inlet and outlet window leaf, keep dust no visible to the naked eye. ( 3) , air inlet filter: cleaning once every six month, severe pollution cleaning once every 3 month. After discharged water, dry after loading. Make records. ( 4) , the internal electric field component generally 2 years maintenance time, pollution serious when maintenance once a year, shall be conducted by the department to apply for QiXieKe contact manufacturer, recorded. ( 5) , the maintenance of composite activated carbon filter: no wall activated carbon filters, no need to change. Above is the daily air disinfection machine maintenance and maintenance knowledge of the whole solution, hope these daily maintenance and maintenance knowledge can help you in life meet shortness of mechanical failure won't panic, also can be used more safely, ensure machine running security, improve the service life. Ark commonly used 1 year replacement time, serious pollution or, for a long time, high relative humidity should be 3 - Replace the one in June. QiXieKe is responsible for contact the manufacturer of replacement, after the replacement materials or the manufacturer for repair, maintenance, make detailed records, confirmation signed by both sides, to ensure the normal use of air sterilizer.
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