Interpretation of the plasma air sterilization machine detail scope of 8 big advantage

by:Funglan     2020-10-16
Now time has developed rapidly, but the air pollution is becoming more and more serious. Last year appeared frequently in our country the fog haze weather, don't know how this year? So for the friend that the choose and buy mobile air disinfector, air disinfection machine have different advantages, so in the face of different technologies, plasma air sterilization machine which scope for what are the advantages? Today small make up take you read together plasma air sterilization machine 8 big advantage detail scope? Now as the international advanced level of plasma air sterilization machine 8 big advantages specific as follows: a, efficient purification antiseptic, broad-spectrum sterilization: plasma sterilization effect is extremely strong, and sterilization time is short, there are mainly bacteria, mildew, virus and escherichia coli, etc. ; Second, better environmental protection: plasma air sterilizer continuous use, will not produce ultraviolet radiation, ozone, also won't produce secondary pollution. Three, screen LED lamp luminous evenly: early in life to use CCFL backlight lamp for U or bar, it is easy to appear uneven light-emitting problems, using LED lamp light uniform distribution of solving the problem of dark frequency divider. Four, intelligent features: open don't disturb the province electricity, induction automatically adjust the wind frequency and oxygen concentration in the air at the same time as the indoor air sterilizer disinfection conditions to automatically adjust the screen brightness. Five, a key recovery feature: what kind of trouble in the process of using can restore function, press a key factory default state error related to fault solution. Six, highly effective degradability: according to the air formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases can degradation, degradation effect were all above 90%. Seven, high service life: under normal use of plasma air disinfection machine available 10 ~ 15 years, ordinary in 5 ~ 10 years, compared with the lowest than multi-purpose 10 years, the task and relatively high life than another five years. Eight, a forming a lifetime: plasma disinfection machine design and manufacture one pace reachs the designated position, later use without changing the material, such as light save money province. More than what we see is a major advantage plasma air sterilization machine, let us better to understand the function of the plasma air sterilization vendors would effect, better buy right plasma air sterilization machine. So we know the eight big advantage, here we apply a deeper understanding of the scope of what? First of all, we look at the hospital: mainly used in ICU ward of the hospital, the operating room,, gynecology and obstetrics, maternal and child room, hemodialysis room, infection wards, acute, transfusion room; So blood stations use area for focus: ChuXie room, laboratory, laboratory room, machine room, blood donation, blood collecting vehicle, ingredients, etc. , using plasma air disinfection machine control nosocomial bacterial infections, the spread of the virus, clean air pollution. Second look at the family schools and public places using: plasma air sterilization machine realize human-machine coexist, not only can break down to eliminate indoor harmful gas, and can eliminate peculiar smell, odor and smoke, etc. Schools, public places: cut off the spread of the virus, avoid the environmental pollution poisoning or flu infection happened. To understand the government agencies use: for office buildings in various computer, print and photocopy of equipment such as pollution, caused by the related diseases, such as people often say that the air-condition disease and computer disease, cause staff tired and sleepy all day, or even sick. Plasma air sterilization disinfection machine can not only purify air, and can be pure and fresh air, to civil servants and staff to a healthy and comfortable working environment. Finally, we together to get to know the factory: apply cosmetics factory, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, etc. , compared to other factory mainly are closely linked with human body health, so using plasma air disinfection machine control to eliminate production workshop is essential to the growth of microorganisms, and implement the national standards for sterile clean room essential conditions. In the face of the market all kinds of different air sterilizer, don't worry, plasma air sterilization machine for your navigation. See here I believe you know already, plasma air sterilization machine on hope you choose the air disinfection machine contentment, if in doubt can inquire! Environment and the semiconductor technology is the current domestic first-class advanced technology. A New Year wish everyone healthy body, all the best and every success, and peace, happiness!
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