Introduction to the operation of medical air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-23
Dynamic disinfection (Ultraviolet disinfection mode), in this disinfection mode, humans and machines can coexist, and the personnel will not be affected in the room. The specific operation is to press the remote control key, the ultraviolet mode will automatically run, and the upper part of the LCD screen will display ultraviolet rays. You can see a faint blue light at the bottom of the sterilizer.   Static disinfection (ozone disinfection mode). In this mode, personnel cannot be on site. The specific operation is: press the remote control [ozone] button to switch when the machine is turned on (UV mode), and ozone is displayed on the LCD screen.  Plasma assisted purification, smoke reduction and dust removal, can be turned on during the disinfection process. The specific operation is to press the remote control [plasma] button, and plasma will be displayed on the LCD screen. Timing shutdown setting: The disinfector supports automatic shutdown setting during the disinfection process. Press the [+] key during the disinfection process, and the LCD display will display 00:30 at this time. It will automatically shut down after 30 minutes. After that, every time you press One time [+] key will add 30 minutes accumulatively, and so on; press the [-] key to reduce the scheduled shutdown time by 30 minutes. Set appointment timing: in the standby state of the disinfector, press the [timing] button to enter the timing start interface, press [ultraviolet] or [ozone] to select the function, press [→] the time nixie tube flashes, press the [+] key to set The number of clocks, press [→] [+] again to set the number of minutes. After the setting is completed, press the [OK] key to enter the timer shutdown interface and set the shutdown time. After the setting is completed, press [OK] again. After the timing setting is completed, return to the standby state, the LCD screen displays timing on
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