Is air pollution dangerous? Won't damage the brain?

by:Funglan     2022-05-11

More and more people are suffering from haze weather. Since the country has tested the air index, there have been many cities where the air pollution has exploded. , indicating that my country's air pollution has reached a certain level, and because of air pollution, many diseases have been induced and increased, especially respiratory and vascular diseases have become more and more, the incidence of lung cancer is also high, these are closely related to air pollution.

People cannot stop breathing for a moment. Air is the condition for human survival. Without air, people cannot survive. Moreover, everyone is equal in front of the air, and no one can be an exception. Air, air pollution will inevitably harm everyone, and, with the passage of time, the crisis of air pollution to human health will become more and more serious. Recently, some experts told us that air pollution not only harms our respiratory tract, but also May damage our brains.

American scholars have concluded that polluted urban air can adversely affect the cognitive ability of the elderly. Because the subjects of this survey are all elderly people over 55 years old, the conclusion may be aimed at the elderly. In fact, this kind of injury also has an effect on young people.

American scholars surveyed 780 volunteers who turned 55 between 2001 and 2002. These volunteers lived in different cities, and the pollution levels in the cities were also different. The researchers took air samples from around the world for the study and gave the volunteers an intelligence test.

Comparing air indicators and analyzing the survey results, residents living in heavily polluted cities have 1.5 times the difference in intelligence tests compared with residents living in lightly polluted cities. As a result, researchers believe that airborne dust is drawn deep into the lungs and into the bloodstream and brain. These can adversely affect cognitive abilities in older adults. A decline in intelligence is inevitable.

But this kind of damage is definitely not formed in one day, it needs to be a process that accumulates over time, and these elderly people over 55 years old are definitely not caused by only breathing bad air for a period of time. The result is that they have been breathing such polluted air for 55 years, which has led to such consequences, freezing three feet, not a day's cold, the fundamental reason is that these people have been breathing such polluted air since childhood.

At present, air pollution in most cities in my country is very serious. The long-lost blue sky and white clouds, the long-lost fresh and clean air, the air is mixed with many impurities, and the air is filled with many harmful particles, which will pass through the air. Our respiratory tract enters our lungs, and then through the bloodstream to our brain, the accumulation of time will cause damage to the brain.

Nowadays, people generally have a phenomenon. At the age of 20 and 30, they have obviously felt that their memory and reaction ability have decreased, which may be related to air pollution.

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