Is Plasma Air Sterilizer Harmful to Pregnant Women?

by:Funglan     2022-01-14

The air sterilizer is effective against particulate pollutants such as car exhaust, second-hand smoke, dust and saliva, as well as allergens such as pollen, odor, paint smell, pet hair, and countless bacteria and fungi contained in the air. It has strong scavenging and purifying effects on formaldehyde, aldehydes and phenolic chemicals. Now we hear more about plasma air sterilizers. For family use, is plasma air sterilizer harmful to pregnant women?

The plasma air sterilizer is an upgrade based on the electrostatic adsorption sterilizer, adding the function of negative ions (the negative ion generator produces 'negative ions'), and later 2 generators are integrated together, this generator is called 'plasma generator

The application of low-temperature plasma sterilization technology replaces the traditional low-temperature sterilization method. The short sterilization time improves the use turnover rate of equipment, and provides strong support for clinical emergency and side table surgery. It is the first choice of the majority of medical staff. Plasma air sterilizers are not harmful to the human body, but the negative ions generated by the sterilizers are beneficial to people.

EDDA AIR's plasma air (Plasma ions) ionization system works using a specific voltage principle, forcing the discharge through the inner/outer electrodes of the positive and negative ion generators (separated from each other by an insulator), and then Generate ion clusters similar to nature. These millions of charged ion clusters actively collide with bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances in the air, break down cell membranes, DNA and proteins, and rapidly rupture and lose activity until they are killed and decomposed. This method is called for air ionization technology.

Easy to install in the current air conditioning system, fresh air duct system, including air cabinet (AHU or PAU), Fan Coil and air conditioning duct, the release of the ionization tube can control a large number of positive and negative ion groups, actively attack pollution things that help us improve air quality. It can respond to different indoor environments and control the source of pollution in a targeted manner, quickly solve indoor air problems, and improve the quality of life, which has become easier since then.

At present, there are three main categories of sterilizer products we use, one is medical ultraviolet air sterilizer, the other is medical plasma air sterilizer, and ozone air sterilizer.

In general, if it is an ozone sterilizer, the indoor ozone concentration will increase instantaneously during the disinfection process. If people are in such an environment, they will be uncomfortable and may Adverse reactions such as dry mouth and cough occurred.

The plasma sterilizer functions as the sterilizer itself, so pregnant women do not need to worry too much in such an environment. Of course, if pregnant women are more easily frightened, they can leave the disinfection environment during disinfection, walk outside, and return to the disinfected environment after a period of time.

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