Is the hospital air disinfection machine harmful to pregnant women?

by:Funglan     2021-03-15
The basic index of the air disinfection machine-the air filter, as the main component of the air disinfection machine, must also be selected before buying. Because the pollutants in the indoor air mainly include bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, mold spores, odor and harmful chemical gases, etc., and several common air filter technologies have different effects in response to different pollution situations. . At present, the technology commonly used in air filters is physical filtration through HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter), while the plasma purification technology adopted by Lideng Environmental Protection uses a specific voltage to convert the electrons in the particulate atoms in the air into charged Of ions. When the air passes through the ionization tube, millions of positive ions and negative ions are formed. These ions are accurately calculated and measured to simulate the air environment in the natural mountainous area, which is very effective in solving indoor bacteria, viruses, dust, Pollen, mold spores, odor, VOC, fluidized hydrogen and harmful chemical gas pollution problems.  Plasma purification technology has a removal efficiency of more than 99.9% for natural bacteria in micro-particles, and it is an effective way to remove pollutants such as smoke, dust particles, and bacteria. In addition, the development of plasma purification technology is relatively mature. It is an internationally recognized high-efficiency ion purification technology, Anhui air disinfection machine, so it is widely adopted by mainstream brands of air disinfection machines. Laboratory air disinfection equipment, air disinfection machine sterilization and deodorization purifiers are used in the current environment with haze and pollution. Is the hospital air disinfection machine harmful to pregnant women? What we often talk about is the living environment of people, and toilets are often used in life Use, will produce a lot of bacteria, microorganisms, ammonia, bad smell (sulfide H) and other toilet air purifiers. Is the hospital air disinfection machine harmful to pregnant women?    The laboratory air disinfection equipment can be designed according to the standard of about 30m3/h of fresh air per person under the premise of closing the doors and windows to ensure that the purified and clean air is delivered to every place. Warm in winter and cool in summer to achieve a comfortable high-quality air environment throughout the year. Disinfection and deodorization purification equipment is used in beauty salons, property management, shopping malls, medical air sterilizer strength, supermarkets, markets, hotels, public places, toilets, commercial facilities, etc.; to simulate the air environment in the natural mountains and change the indoor air' 'Fresh' to solve the problem of indoor air pollution.
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