Is the household air disinfection machine good?

by:Funglan     2021-03-26
With the increasing air pollution, no matter how clean you take care of the environment at home, you still cannot avoid inhaling polluted gas when you go out. However, pollutants such as PM2.5 and smoke and dust in the air are mainly harmful to vulnerable people, including the elderly and children, who just stay indoors for a long time. Therefore, if there are elderly and children at home, or families with respiratory diseases, it is better to equip an air disinfector at home.  If it is used incorrectly, its work efficiency will also decrease. Although many families have purchased air disinfection machines, many people are still quite ignorant about how to use air disinfection machines reasonably. This greatly reduces the performance of air disinfection machines, thereby allowing pollutants to take advantage of and harm us. health. So how to use the air disinfection machine to make it work in the best state? The following is the advice of the Weiyi environmental air disinfection machine manufacturer to everyone!   Household air sterilizer should pay attention to the following two points:   When the air pollution is serious, close the window and air disinfect The main principle of the machine is to use a fan to suck indoor air, purify it through filters and other devices, and send out fresh air. It is recommended that in the case of severe air pollution, close the doors and windows to make it a closed environment, so that the use of an air disinfector can ensure a better disinfection and purification effect.  Replace the filter in time   During specific use, the user should also pay attention to the disinfection and purification effect of the air sterilizer. If the disinfection and purification effect of the air sterilizer is found to be reduced, or there is a peculiar smell after opening, the filter should be replaced in time. If the signal indicator of the sterilizer is on, it means that the dust collection is full and the dust collection plate needs to be replaced.
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