Is the medical air sterilizer harmful to the human body?

by:Funglan     2021-03-27
Many people will question whether the medical air sterilizer is harmful to the human body? The editor has checked many questions, and many people will raise this question. The main users of medical air disinfection machines are hospitals, and the safety level of hospitals is relatively high. The machinery and equipment that can be used in hospitals are all tested and studied repeatedly. Generally, medical air disinfection machines sold by regular manufacturers do not need to worry too much about this problem. As there are more manufacturers in the market, various technologies are uneven. There are also many manufacturers who fish in troubled waters, and having a large number of medical air disinfection machines simply cannot meet the requirements. If the ultraviolet or ozone air sterilizer of the medical air sterilizer works, a large amount of ozone is generated, which is harmful to the human body. Therefore, when buying a medical air disinfection machine, you need to pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer and the strength of the manufacturer, and avoid buying inferior products. The medical air sterilizer of Weiyi Environment adopts a variety of air purification technologies: dynamic air disinfection technology, mainly using plasma technology, photocatalysis technology, photoelectric combination technology, semiconductor electrostatic technology. Many hospitals use this latest technology. The measured ozone content is extremely low, which is harmless to the human body and equipment. The air disinfection machine draws air into the disinfection machine through a fan, disinfects, deodorizes, and sterilizes through various means, and then discharges the air into the room to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. Plasma air disinfection machine, high-voltage static electricity can effectively remove dust particles, the generated plasma kills pathogenic bacteria by 99%, the negative ions are captured by oxygen molecules to form negative oxygen ions, which produce strong oxidizing properties Decomposes formaldehyde and other odor molecules well.
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