Is the medical air sterilizer useful?

by:Funglan     2021-02-25
Although medical air sterilizers appeared in the Chinese market not long ago, they have long been popular abroad. As it meets the needs of humans for environmental air purification and disinfection, it has quickly become known, but controversies about medical air disinfection machines are also one after another. Many ordinary consumers will question 'Is the medical air disinfection machine useful?' . The answer is 'usefulThe principle of mainstream air sterilizer technology.  Using medical air disinfection machines is mostly an effective method for improving indoor air quality and creating healthy and comfortable hospitals and operating rooms. The use of air sterilizers in hospitals cannot be said to be ineffective, but compared to medical air sterilizers, 'the effect is not great.' This is also the reason why the medical air sterilizer has been unanimously approved by many hospitals. The medical air disinfection machine adopts a variety of air disinfection and purification technologies to improve the air quality in operating rooms and wards: it is necessary to heat or cool the outdoor air to room temperature, which consumes a lot of energy. Generally speaking, the medical air disinfection machine is composed of four parts: a shell, a purification part, a fan, and an electric control. The main roles are multi-layer filter, air disinfection technology and fan. At present, there are dozens of air purification technology principles and different filtration systems on the market. Air disinfection machines that purify and disinfect the air are generally divided into mechanical, electrostatic, negative oxygen ion, physical adsorption, and chemical adsorption. Formula or a combination of two or more of the previous forms. Weiyi also has a semiconductor air purification and disinfection technology widely spread. The following editor will introduce several air disinfection machines that use the most purification technology on the market:   1. Mechanical air disinfection machine. Porous filter materials such as non-woven fabrics, filter paper and fiber materials are used to intercept the particles in the airflow and purify the air. It is mainly composed of components such as filter dust collector and blower. It features high dust removal efficiency, large dust holding capacity, and long service life. Generally, the concentration of particulate matter in the air in homes and offices is very low, and there is no need to replace filter materials for long-term operation. Dust, bacteria and allergic particulate matter are important factors that affect indoor air quality and are relatively easy to remove.  2, electrostatic air disinfection machine. Using the principle of anode corona discharge, the particles in the airflow are positively charged, and then with the help of Coulomb force, the charged particles are trapped on the dust collector to purify the air. It is composed of ionization device, dust collection device, blower and power supply. Its dust removal efficiency is high, and it can trap particles smaller than 0.01 μm to about 0.1 μm. But its disadvantage is that it requires high-voltage power supply and the dust collection capacity of the dust collector is small. Generally, the dust collector needs to be cleaned once every 1 to 2 weeks.   3. Negative oxygen ion air disinfection machine. The strong electric field created by artificial methods causes the neutral molecule in the air to lose an outer electron, which becomes a basic positive ion, and the lost electron combines with another neutral molecule to become a basic negative ion, and then combines with some neutral molecules. Become anion. According to research, negative oxygen ions are beneficial to the human body, which makes the air fresh. The negative ion method also produces ozone and does not help to remove dust and harmful gases in the indoor air. Moreover, the ozone generator cannot be used in the same room as human and machine, so it is not convenient to use.   4. Photocatalytic air disinfection machine. The catalyst is plated on a specific carrier, and the catalyst is irradiated with an ultraviolet light source of a specific wavelength. Through the action of the fan, the air containing harmful gas passes through the catalyst at a specific speed, and the catalyst on the carrier reacts chemically with the harmful gas under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays to achieve the purpose of purification. The disadvantage is that if the catalyst micropores are blocked, it will greatly reduce its purification efficiency. The above four types of air disinfection machines all use common air disinfection machine principles, but there are also many air disinfection machines that use the above two or more technical principles at the same time to achieve 'medical' air disinfection machines.
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