Is the plasma air sterilizer harmful to the human body?

by:Funglan     2022-01-14

Plasma air sterilizer, an air sterilizer with the international advanced level, uses (SPIC) super ion generator to instantly stimulate trillions of positive and negative ions, which can efficiently sterilize, the plasma sterilization and disinfection effect is extremely strong, and The action time is short, which is far less than that of high-intensity ultraviolet rays. Plasma is the fourth form following solid, liquid and gaseous states. The SPIC super-energy ion cloud releases trillions of positive and negative electrons, and generates a large amount of energy through the annihilation of positive and negative ions, thereby destroying the bacterial envelope and killing the cell nucleus. So is the plasma air sterilizer harmful to the human body? Let me introduce to you below.

Is the plasma air sterilizer harmful to the human body:

The plasma air sterilizer system uses a specific voltage to convert the electrons in the atomic particles in the air into charged ions . After ionization in the air, millions of positive ions and negative ions will be formed. These ions have been accurately calculated and measured, which can simulate the air environment in the natural mountains, in addition to making the indoor air feel more 'fresher' In addition, it can also be effectively solved. When electrons collide with bacteria and mold spores, the energy transmitted is the same or similar to the bond energy of chemical bonds. When these bond energy is broken or similar, bacteria and mold can no longer reproduce, and the sterilization rate is It can reach about 99%, which is the antivirus principle of plasma air sterilizer.

It is more important to be different from the market negative ion air sterilizer sterilization, it can realize the The use of negative ions can effectively kill germs in the air. When the ozone reaches a certain concentration, the air sensing device will release positive ions after detecting that the ozone exceeds the standard, to neutralize the negative ions in the air and reach the range that the human body can bear, which can realize the coexistence of human and machine. , This is the charm of the plasma air sterilizer. It not only efficiently kills viruses in the air, but also eliminates viruses without any side effects. It realizes the coexistence of human and machine in the true sense, and escorts the health of you and your family.

The above content is an introduction to whether the plasma air sterilizer is harmful to the human body. The plasma air sterilizer is mainly based on the basic principles of filtration, cleaning and sterilization to achieve the purpose of indoor disinfection. a device. Some air sterilizers can also remove harmful substances in the room and even filter out allergens such as bee pollen. Its purification function mainly comes from the ozone generator, which has the functions of purification and deodorization. When the ozone is output, the ozone gas in the form of particles can be output through the device, so that the ozone diffusion area is uniform, and there is no dead angle within the sterilization range.

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