Keep the controlled environment where the air disinfector is located!

by:Funglan     2021-03-30
The medical air sterilizer uses plasma to decompose and decompose bacteria, purify and adsorb dust, and then perform secondary sterilization and filtration through lysozyme filter, photocatalyst catalytic device, negative ion generator and other components. After the treatment, the air flows quickly to make the product The control environment is kept within the standard of 'sterile clean roomStructural principle of medical air sterilizer: Structural characteristics and working principle of medical air sterilizer. This machine is mainly composed of coarse filter, middle filter, activated carbon filter, photocatalyst filter, negative ion generator, super ultraviolet lamp and shell. Inhale the dirty air in the partially enclosed space and filter it through two layers; the coarse filter and the middle filter filter the dust in the air, and return the filtered clean air to recover the clean air, reducing the total number of bacteria per unit volume. After a long period of use, the medical air sterilizer needs maintenance to ensure the effectiveness of the machine. After a long period of use, the filter screen of the medical air sterilizer may have a large amount of dust particles and bacteria attached and accumulated. At this time, the filter element needs to be professionally replaced, cleaned and maintained. Through online appointment of door-to-door maintenance, consumables are collected for centralized professional cleaning and disinfection, ensuring the long-term effectiveness of air purification.
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