Kindergarten air disinfection machine configuration plan

by:Funglan     2021-02-28
Project name, installation location, specifications, models, performance, technical parameters, quantity, kindergarten air disinfection machine, 12 classes (2 units/class), art workshop, 2 health care rooms, 1 catering room, 1 washing room, 1 construction room, 2 library, 1 science Room 1 YF/ZX-B100 1. Main performance 1. Man-machine coexistence, full dynamic disinfection mode, non-ozone static disinfection, to avoid the hidden danger of ozone poisoning. 2. Long-life, high-intensity ultraviolet sterilization ≥8000h, LCD Chinese control screen can accumulate working hours, life alarm replacement reminder 3. Initial and medium-efficiency filter double filter dust particle pollutants 4. Remove smoke and bacteria 5. Photocatalyst, Activated carbon has antibacterial and odor removal. Under high-intensity ultraviolet radiation, it can remove benzene and formaldehyde poisonous and harmful substances. 6. Negative ions can clean and purify the air. The amount of negative ions: 6*106 7. Wind speed (high, medium, Low) adjustable, multi-directional wind direction circulation 8. Chinese LCD display, manual, timing, and automatic working modes: manual mode: select for temporary disinfection, and the disinfection time can be adjusted; automatic mode: work for one hour, stop for one hour, and cycle for 24 hours ; Timing mode: disinfect according to the set program-controlled time, 5 groups of working periods can be set. 9. Ultraviolet replacement, ultraviolet failure, motor failure, negative ion failure automatic monitoring, failure alarm, life timer 10. Filter screen dust collection exceeding the standard cleaning or replacement alarm function 11. Far infrared remote control operation 12. LCD Chinese display with memory function, No need to reset after power failure. 2. Main technical parameters 1. Circulating air volume ≥1000m3/h2, applicable volume ≤100m33, input power: ≤150VA4, disinfection effect: ≤67cfu/m35, ultraviolet radiation intensity of 13800uw/c㎡6, machine External ultraviolet leakage: ≤0uv/cm27, the amount of ozone in the air during disinfection: ≤0.02 mg/m38, the release of negative oxygen ions: ≥6×106/cm3 9. Noise: ≤50db 3. Applicable within 100 cubic meters 1 , Hospital: operating room, delivery room, baby room, premature infant room, supply room sterile area, ICU intensive care unit, infusion room, hemodialysis room, treatment room, dispensing room, etc. 2. Food and pharmaceutical industry: production workshop, packaging room, sterile room, etc. 3. Public venues: school nursery classrooms, cosmetic surgery centers, dental clinics, confinement rehabilitation centers, etc. 4. Product Qualification 1. Sanitation License of Provincial Disinfection Product Manufacturing Enterprise 2. Sanitation Safety Evaluation Report of Disinfection Product 3. Sanitation Safety Evaluation Report Record Voucher of Disinfection Product by Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission 4. Third-party CMA Inspection Report 33 Equipment Advantage Configuration :Ultraviolet+plasma+multiple filter+negative ion generator, it is the most complete and effective configuration on the market; dynamic sterilization and disinfection, as well as the function of purifying and fresh air, which can reach the medical grade ten thousand standard; the shell is corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidant, It is also generous and beautiful; the wall-mounted kindergarten air sterilizer is hung on the wall, and children can not reach it. The time period can be set for disinfection and sterilization. It can coexist with man and machine, which has no effect on personnel, and is convenient and safe. The benefits of use can effectively reduce the spread of germs through the air, and can effectively prevent the cross-infection of influenza viruses, hand-foot-mouth disease and other diseases. The multiple filters in the machine can effectively remove dust particles in the air, and then use the negative ion generator to purify the fresh air, especially ultraviolet rays, plasma It can degrade toxic and harmful substances such as benzene, xylene, and formaldehyde in the air, and reduce the probability of children's respiratory diseases. Equipment accessories materials Anersen wall-mounted YF/ZX-B100 spare filter, spare fuse, manual, power cord, remote control, 33 sets of hanging boards, expansion screws, etc.
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