Laminar flow purification machine manufacturers: what is laminar flow purification

by:Funglan     2021-04-01
What is laminar flow purification? Laminar flow purification is a process of adopting air cleaning technology to control microbial pollution in different degrees to achieve the control of air cleanliness in the space environment, suitable for various surgical requirements, and providing appropriate temperature and humidity. Laminar flow purification machine manufacturers talk about this kind of operating space environment generally called laminar flow purification operating room.   Due to strict control of the low bacterial count and low concentration of anesthetic gas in the operating room, the stability of the laminar flow ultra-clean device is an important acceptance criterion for the laminar flow clean operating room. In addition to the current standards, some well-known purification engineering companies basically have their own purification indicators that are higher than the international standards. Due to the slight differences between European and American operating room cleanliness standards and the Chinese environment, traditional international standards and domestic regional industry standards are generally difficult to ensure the long-term stability of operating room cleanliness (generally only 3-10 years of transformation, low-end professional engineering projects require Refurbishment within one year), the project quality has a clear classification.
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