Looked at Internet cafes know _ installed air disinfection machine of choice

by:Funglan     2020-10-19
Internet cafes! Is not strange for young people, and is familiar with! We all know that Internet cafes closed around, is also one of the most popular place young people gathered. Small make up together to understand the Internet bar installed air sterilizer of choice. We all know that Internet cafe is self-employed non-profit Internet service of social public places, we can find information through the Internet cafes to browse news, read a book, watch TV and movies, listen to music, playing online games, QQ video chat and other activities, natural crowded conditions cannot be avoided, and general Internet cafes are closed with good decoration, design, and poor ventilation. Small writing before the central air conditioning pipe sediment pollution problem, so Internet cafes are decorated ventilation pipe, but because of the small air continuous intensive, so the air quality is poor. Due to long without the central pipe cleaning sediment is overmuch, can also cause some indoor secondary pollution. This is the equipment pollution, today small make up take you details about life pollution. Better Internet cafes have smoking bans, so most of us will find plumes of smoke float in the air, and the smoke contains: nicotine, nitrosamines, tar, carbon monoxide, radioactive substances, in addition to the above material: benzopyrene, benzene, formaldehyde, metal cadmium these cancer-causing substances. For those who do not smoke, secondhand smoke more, in addition to smoke contains harmful material, the body also can produce some carbon dioxide, and so on. According to the relevant test, Internet cafes PM2. 5 value reached 252. 7 microgram per cubic meter, has more than one smoke national ambient air quality standard ( GB3095 - 1996). 3 times the secondary standard. And we will be in the net cafe to eat snacks, eat instant noodles, fast food, drink and so on, which is a common but due to indoor air pollution, also can cause some health effects! Especially in the winter, such as warm blood inside, outside is cold than the autumn wind. Indoor more than tight, so is not known. Internet cafe is one of the most young people consumption leisure place, is also the most suitable for young people consumption. So Internet cafes is also a good platform to foster talents, when the Internet just login stage of China, promote the development of the Internet Internet cafes let county ZhenXiang areas such as contact with the network, thus promote the development of China's informationization. Natural Internet cafe play an important role in the information industry in China. Along with the time development, Internet cafes, countries still support and encourage the healthy development of the Internet cafe. Internet cafes consumption crowd mainly is in the midst of the puberty growth of teenagers, Internet cafes of air pollution on their physical and mental development of huge impact, the impact is likely to last a lifetime. For the next generation of the motherland, so Internet cafes indoor air disinfection purification is urgently needed. Small make up recommend mobile air disinfector a new generation of semiconductor technology, the product features is the air purification industry the latest technology products, product characteristics is that some people can guarantee condition for disinfection, implementation of indoor air purification efficiency & ge; 90%, the rate of natural bacteria in air die & ge; 90%, the product to solve the electrostatic field of cleaning the recovery and processing problems, the product is of structure of unit, the unit can be different according to the needs of the user environment configuration, highlight product personalization, and eliminate the surplus value of the product, reduce the cost. Product USES the unit structure, simplify the production technology, improve product assembly quality consistency, to ensure the product quality, the products comply with national health and family planning, the technical standard for disinfection, 'GB 15982 medical health standard for disinfection', and Q/V1-01 2014 air disinfection purifier standard requirements. The product by the patent novelty search, did not see report literature at home and abroad, technology leading at home and abroad. , Internet cafes installation of choice. Hope air disinfection function to bring people a health insurance, at the same time hope that Internet cafe business more prosperous, and I hope everyone can healthy body, all the luck, peace and happiness!
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