Maintenance and maintenance of air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-02
1. The principle of disinfection of the multifunctional medical air disinfection machine The multifunctional medical air sterilizer adopts circulating wind ultraviolet disinfection, which uses a physical method to filter out dust and microorganisms in the air, and cooperates with high-intensity ultraviolet rays for air disinfection, while effectively preventing dust from affecting The influence of the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp tube, combined with the filter screen, electrostatic adsorption dust removal and sterilization and negative ions to freshen the air, realizes the sustainable disinfection of indoor air. The ultraviolet radiation intensity inside the machine is as high as 10000uw/cm2 or more. During the working process of the machine, the high-intensity ultraviolet rays inside the machine are sealed in the air duct of the disinfection machine, the ultraviolet leakage is less than 1uw/cm2, and the ozone content in the working environment is less than 0.13mg/m3, which is harmful to people and equipment Does not cause damage. Second, the use of multifunctional air disinfection machine First of all, you must carefully read the instructions before use, fully understand the precautions. Whether it is used for static or dynamic disinfection, doors and windows must be closed. It is strictly forbidden to cover or block the air inlet and outlet of the equipment to avoid affecting air circulation. At the same time, pay attention to indoor environmental hygiene, keep the surface of the object clean and dust-free, including the top of the instrument cabinet and the countertop, to avoid secondary dust caused by the disinfection machine turning on the circulating air. Secondly, check the working condition of the disinfection machine regularly. If you find that the lamp is not bright, the filter is broken, etc., it should be repaired immediately. If the electrical failure is caused, please ask a professional electrician or contact the manufacturer’s engineer for repair. recording. 3. Maintenance and maintenance of the multifunctional air sterilizer The disinfection machine cannot be directly contacted or washed with water. The power supply must be cut off when wiping with a damp cloth. 1. Cabinet: Keeping the cabinet clean can reduce indoor air pollution sources. Wet-wipe and clean the surface of the casing regularly, and clean and disinfect it at any time when it is contaminated. Pay special attention to the air inlet and outlet when cleaning. 2. Filter: The cleanliness of the filter is related to the frequency of use of the disinfection machine and the air quality. In the case of high frequency of use and poor indoor and outdoor air quality, the filter is more likely to accumulate dust and dust. Therefore, the filter should be checked regularly If dust is found on the net, it should be cleaned with a soft brush. If the time is too long, rinse it with water or a neutral detergent. If the filter is damaged and aging, replace it in time. When it is suspected that the use site is seriously polluted, the frequency of inspection should be increased. 3. High-intensity ultraviolet lamp: The filter at the air outlet of the disinfector has a protective effect on the ultraviolet lamp. The circulating air entering and leaving the machine is relatively clean. Therefore, cleaning the filter is far more important than wiping the lamp. If you find dust in the lamp, wipe it with 75% alcohol to ensure that the radiation intensity of the lamp is not affected by the dust. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation is the key to killing bacteria. Therefore, the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp in the machine should be monitored every six months. When the radiation intensity is lower than 6000uw/cm2, the lamp should be replaced in time to ensure the disinfection effect. 4. Oxygen ion generator: due to the dust reduction effect of negative oxygen ions, after long-term use, a large amount of dust will be deposited near the air outlet of the generator, so it should be removed regularly. When cleaning, first cut off the power supply, wipe with a soft dry cloth or a little alcohol, and do not rinse with water. 5. The display screen: Do not wipe with any detergent, alcohol, etc., only gently wipe with a wet towel.
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