Medical air disinfection machine function explanation

by:Funglan     2020-10-12
Medical air sterilizer function, a medical air sterilizer has gradually entered the mainstream, but there are some people is not very understanding, have time to attend the exhibition, explained to a customer that is on the air purification disinfection, quite unexpectedly, said air can also sterilize it, indeed, for people who do not know this product is to have the question, then, under the small make up today, introduce to you, let it be faster to know our medical air sterilizer. One, function 1, purify air, can quickly decompose harmful gases and odor removal, formaldehyde, benzene, cigarette smoke, smell, odor, etc. , and kill the bacteria in the air, have the effect of rapid purification of indoor air. 2, disinfection sterilization, can quickly kill bacteria breeding, spore all pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, achieve complete disinfection effect of indoor air and items. 2, maintenance instructions: 1, in accordance with the manual operation, pay attention to the safety use of electricity, may not be used without guidance. 2, equipment, keep dry. 3, work, don't close to hand or object disinfection machine ventilation import and export. 4, regular inspection on equipment, medical air disinfector is normally 3 months or half a year cleaning parts, no consumables. There cannot be any cover above 5, equipment, influence ventilation and disinfection effect, should push light moves, reduce the vibration. 6, work abnormal ( Failure to display or alarm) , pull out the power plug should be closed, check related accidents. 7, equipment using cumulative time shall not exceed 8000 hours, if meet or exceed to timely for uv lamp. Conclusion: completes the medical air disinfection machine maintenance, is the guarantee of normal operation of equipment after, reducing wear and tear, let the equipment can be in the best state for the maximum effect. If you meet a few illegal users in operation, can inquire or in our website, we will answer for you at the first time. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide various, medical, air, sterilization machine, function, explanation, medical, air, etc
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