Medical air disinfection machine-main features

by:Funglan     2021-02-23
※Main features of the product 1. Coexistence of man and machine: The machine can be turned on for disinfection when there are people, and the air is dynamic disinfection, and it is disinfected while working, which has no adverse effects on people. 2. The product integrates disinfection and purification, and has the effect of sterilizing and decomposing harmful gases. 3. The core component is a plasma generator with long service life and no consumables. 4. Automatically adjust the discharge energy efficiency to ensure constant sterilization efficiency. 5. It is safe and reliable. The main components are equipped with fault alarm function: 1) Plasma generator is not working alarm to ensure disinfection effect; 2) Plasma generator is open circuit, short circuit and abnormal discharge protection to prevent safety accidents; 3) With complete machine Cumulative working time function and cleaning and maintenance reminder function. 6. A variety of working modes are available: Manual mode: The default disinfection time is 2 hours, and the working time can be adjusted by remote control; Automatic mode: When the device detects that the indoor air quality is poor or there are more dust particles, it will automatically start the boot disinfection function (optional ); Timing mode: start and stop disinfection according to the set time, 6 sets of timing disinfection time can be set every day. 7. The wind speed is adjustable for high, medium and low, and can memorize the user's set value. 8. Environmental detection function (optional): It detects the level of harmful gases in the air through high-performance sensors, which can detect air quality, temperature, humidity, and PM2.5. 9. Touch control panel, LED liquid crystal display.
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