Medical air disinfection machine maintenance types

by:Funglan     2020-11-13
General medical air disinfection need after the pilot time using effect, through the use of the maintenance to ensure machines use time long medical air sterilizer filter may have a lot of dust particles and bacteria, this is where the filter for replacement and cleaning maintenance. Through the online booking service, and concentration of recycle consumable professional cleaning disinfection treatment, ensure the quality of air purification long-term effective. So what kind of medical air sterilizer maintenance types are there? ? 1, basic maintenance panel ( Grille + screen) And inside and outside the frame, in use process, for a long time in panel ventilated place to collect dust, according to incomplete statistics, more than a year not to clean the surface the dust 0. 15 mm, reducing ventilation rate, increase energy consumption. 2, deep maintenance dust separator: it is mainly used for particulate matter such as filtration, long time use process, all filter are deposited in the corresponding grid. Need early after washing, enzyme washing, drying, sterilization process at low temperature. Plasma: long time use, can form a layer of biofilm on the surface, only simple cleaning methods to remove surface dust and visible particulate matter, must pass a strong acid, strong alkali high level disinfection, or through high and low temperature sterilization processing, can be eliminated completely adherent microbes. Effect, in effect, high efficiency filter: at the beginning of a long time use will make activated carbon loss of activity, does not have changed during filtration, adsorption function, and maintenance. 3, machine maintenance professional cleaning and disinfection of the cleaning and disinfection equipment and traceability management system, strict production process, the highly effective operation system, strict quality standard and control for machine maintenance service. Medical: the operating room, infection wards, ICU, NICU, * * room, tank dosing, rehabilitation wards, the hospital ward, office, living and public areas such as family homes, sitting room, bedroom, study, bathroom, kitchen and other commercial public: office buildings, business centers, government buildings, Banks, clubs, cafes, hotels, airports, railway stations, schools, libraries, etc
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