Medical air disinfection machine maintenance

by:Funglan     2020-11-15
Medical air disinfection machine maintenance while medical air disinfection machine may not be common in our life, but the medical treatment and the use of some public places is more and more, especially in the operating room, baby room, ICU ward of the hospital and the delivery room, disinfection purification effect is very good, these places on the air quality is also high, pharmaceutical and food factory, etc, also used more. Found some customers to buy back later, don't pay attention to maintenance, so that equipment in time is not long, and we all know that everything is maintenance, will use for a long time, medical air sterilizer is the same, therefore, the environment for you to introduce some maintenance methods of medical air sterilization machine: 1, clean to clean frequently, such as at ordinary times need not when, rag wipe dirt, can accelerate the operation can also avoid the equipment aging. Long time need not when can cover up with dust cover. 2, to defend wet water and damp places away from as far as possible, as some blood, the liquid medicament and some corrosive liquid on to the fuselage. To timely to wipe. 3, maintenance each part 1) Many times we are plug, for a long time without proper unplug, was turned off, it can ensure more durable use. 2) Average 2 hours can meet the disinfection requirements, if there is no need to, don't work long hours, extend the life of the equipment. Environment helpful hints, users friends in use at the same time also learn to maintain, disinfection effect can be ensured and can prolong life. Just like our home with home appliance, cleaning brush try from time to time, to reduce the occurrence of failure, ensure the equipment operation, reduce some unnecessary trouble, bring work more efficiency. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of medical air sterilization machine, air disinfection purification machine, air disinfection purification and other products
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