Medical air disinfection machine principle and advantages

by:Funglan     2020-11-01
Hospital of department of air requirement is high, as the operating room, laboratory, nursery, maternity wards and intensive care, biochemical laboratory, blood cells form room and other special environment, is a sterile environment. To protect life and health, choose a good medical air disinfection machine is the most appropriate, is also the most direct and effective solution. Medical air disinfection machine brands on the market, design also many, the same technology is different also, so how to choose? The following recommended a leading medical air disinfection machine technology - at present - Semiconductor medical plasma air sterilization machine. First of all, the semiconductor plasma disinfection of air sterilizer function is good, not only the sterilization speed, and is equipped with semiconductor ionization technology, the effect of toluene purified air can remove formaldehyde, coupled with ultraviolet irradiation sterilization, light waves react to ensure the safety of patients and medical staff in a comfortable environment treatment. Therefore, semiconductor plasma air sterilization machine is the most worth purchasing at medical hospital air disinfection machine. Followed by semiconductor plasma air disinfection machine long using time, low noise and low consumption, long time use, is not only environmental protection and energy saving, such not only can guarantee the appearance of a brand new can also ensure good internal structure, running speed is constant, also quickly absorb the dirty air, semiconductor ionization device can remove the clean water directly, the most important thing is that, once investment, lifelong need not consumable materials. See below plasma air sterilization machine stroke cabinet plasma air cleaning device works: ionization zone consists of ionization wire and electrode. On the discharge electrode and dc high voltage positive charge, discharge electrode surface produce corona discharge phenomenon, the dust particles in the air by ionization zone, dust particles get charge, particle size, the greater the charge more. Ionization area downstream is dust collection area, precipitation area by multiple sets of high voltage parallel plate and ground plate, plus or minus two plate of parallel, uniform electric field is produced. Positively charged dust particles with the air flow into the uniform electric field, and be rejected anode plate, soon attracted in the negative electrostatic filter dust on a board. Design for horizontal airflow through the electronic filter, easy to install in the hvac system and central air conditioning system. Electrode design USES pressed aluminum plate as a dust collecting electrode. The structure arrangement is flexible and can be assembled into different specifications, and size after combination of cross section area of electrostatic precipitators can from zero a few square meters to a few square meters. Separate the dust charged and separation set up in the region of the two Spaces, suitable for high resistance dust dust removal, can prevent the corona, and has a small volume is small, the metal consumption, low power consumption, etc.
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