'Medical air disinfection machine' quality self-examination and self-correction activities

by:Funglan     2021-03-30
1. Ensure that the air sterilizer 'Medical Air Sterilizer' is manufactured and inspected with high-quality materials and advanced technology and strictly in accordance with the processing drawings, technical requirements, system function requirements and relevant national and ministerial (industry) standards. The entire manufacturing implementation process strictly follows the quality system to ensure that the products are brand-new, technologically advanced, superior in quality, free from defects in design, materials and workmanship, suitable for the purpose and purpose of the contract, and meet the specified qualified products. 2. 'Medical air disinfection machine' is tested and noise tested in accordance with the national regulations before leaving the factory. 3. Ensure that the delivered technical information is complete, clear and correct, and can meet the requirements for installation, trial operation, performance evaluation, operation and maintenance of the air sterilizer 'medical air disinfection machine'. 4. Ensure that qualified technicians are dispatched in time to provide necessary, correct and sufficient technical services and technical training for the installation, trial operation, performance evaluation, acceptance, operation and maintenance of the air sterilizer 'Medical Air Sterilizer'. 5. Create a file and save the serial number of the factory air sterilizer 'Medical ' to ensure the traceability of each product. Once it is found to be defective in design and production or has safety hazards, it will be recalled immediately.
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