Medical air disinfection machine? The hospital must be used?

by:Funglan     2020-10-26
Medical air sterilizer? The hospital must be used? According to the disease, and other Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) & throughout; “ Bird flu & throughout; The available medical air sterilizer rapidly into the hospital in the line of sight, according to the environment, and other Haze & throughout; “ Dust storms & throughout; The emergence of medical air disinfection machine quickly into the public eye. Although medical air sterilizer is not conventional medical equipment, it is essential of every hospital, hospital of environmental air quality have high requirements, to prevent the spread of bacteria pollution, disease, will strictly control the dust and ozone in the air, of course, the most important thing is to some bacteria can good swing in the air is removed. Hospital place: we like usual care unit operating room to see in the TV serious illness into each person, are armed to the teeth, in order to reduce the spread of bacteria in the air, choose medical air disinfection machine can keep clean indoor environment, effective inhibition of bacteria. Second, the variety of forms, hang machine, vertical machine, suction machine three optional, according to the environment. Using air sterilization machine and air purification system, should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, to reasonably use the product in the environment to exert its maximum effect. Small make up summarizes some tips of hospitals to improve their medical environment, the following is a detailed content. A home, the hospital ward, fresh air is the main factor deciding ward air quality, to make full use of the limited home fresh air must be reasonable air distribution design, so as to the pollutant discharge in time; Try to increase the freshness of air, improve the quality of the fresh air. 2, often clean or replace air filters, and regular disinfection sterilization, general cleaning, disinfection, once a month. Run, emergency medical record of the building, all the air filter air conditioning system, must first disinfection, after the replacement. All of the filters, air conditioning system in the outbreak period, should be cleaned or replaced once a week. Three, hospital operating room, ICU care unit, blood purification room, precision medical equipment room is mostly adopted to purify the air conditioning system, the indoor air dust sterilization, ensure indoor air cleanliness. Regular and testing and found that timely treatment. Four, when determining the new air volume into the ward, in addition to consider the small new air volume required for the people, but also ward space volume size, to dilute some pollution sources of volatile organic compounds, ensure ward clean air. Hospital air disinfection organ system to its interests at the same time, also related to the vital interests of the masses. For the people to create a safe, healthy and beautiful medical environment is the responsibility of the hospital! Enjoy the best medical environment and technology, it is necessary condition, reassured the patient to the hospital is also the foundation of the hospital. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of medical air sterilization machines, air disinfection machine, air purification machine, etc
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