Medical air disinfection machine where to run in the virus, I see!

by:Funglan     2020-10-17
Medical air sterilizer where to run in the virus, I see! With climate changeable environment, the main reason is that the air pollution; Climate warming, the natural ecological imbalances such as the greenhouse effect causes a variety of viruses, bacteria, constantly upgrade, mutation; Such as 3 years of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS); 07 bird flu; In recent years to upgrade of all kinds of influenza a ( Such as H5N6 and H7N9 bird flu, etc. ) 。 Formal such annual influenza prevention and treatment are very important in our country, especially the festival in the spring and winter. Although the summer is not bird flu season, but there is no time to prevent diseases, the main prevention and control work in place or not. In recent years, air purifier, air disinfector, air purification disinfector pouring into the market, appear in major shopping malls and supermarkets; But we have seen many products, brand is very much also, have good, also have in general, there is even a fake, good and evil people mixed up anyway. In the face of such market we how to choose a really can destroy bacteria and viruses of air disinfection machine? Below small make up to you to introduce the market at present commonly used several kinds of air disinfection purification machine technology, main style: cabinet, wall, three type suction a top. technology in the market has a lot of kinds, such as plasma air sterilization technology, negative oxygen ion disinfection technology, dynamic sterilization technology, vacuum technology, photocatalytic technology, TIO2 and HEPA efficiency filter, electrostatic dust collection technology, active oxygen technology and so on, there are a variety of technologies, some still can use a variety of combination, mainly the use of space, environment, categories, etc. ; Disinfection purification effect of air disinfection requirements and standards are different, use of product technology is different. in actual application, comparison is filter technology. At the beginning of the filter is divided into three levels, respectively, in effect, high efficiency filter. And, of course, a kind of composite, it is will focus together use. From the literal meaning, it is not hard to understand how to use the advantage of the filter with simple, cheap. Weakness is not sterilization, can only be used for dust removal, and need to often unpick and wash. Compound can blocking tiny bacteria, but ventilation rate is relatively few and far between. So, common and dust-free workshop, electronics factory, etc. And high voltage static electricity technology, the function of high voltage electrostatic field is the most perfect, it USES the negative output, the electric field in the negative ion content in more than 50 * 6 / cm3, relative to the forests, waterfalls, has the natural healing force; Release negative ion atom to particularly beneficial to the health of human body in the air, can make people refreshed, shu xin is relating. Has analgesic, hypnosis, cough, and sweat, lower blood pressure, relieve fatigue, increase the content of anion in air has the special significance. So, negative oxygen ion air purifier in capturing dust, sterilization purify air at the same time, also will be a large number of negative ions into the air, make the air more pure and fresh. Defect is higher cost, installation and unpick and wash will have trouble. Optical hydrogen ion disinfection technology, it is the most widely used technology. Not only high efficient sterilization, deodorization and purification TVOC, and sterilization no dead Angle, no secondary pollution, low power consumption, and is very flexible in terms of installation, insert can be fixed at any position opening. The most important, the cost will be lower. The downside is that there will be a consumable materials. The service life of the uv lamp 5000 h ~ 8000 h, 3 - normal use 5 years is no problem, or compare economical. Medical air sterilizer is according to the hospital environment requirements and standards for research and development, experiment, the production of a modern hospital air disinfection machine, suitable for in the operating room, blood room, sterile room, delivery room area and so on to health environment require the use of the high administrative offices and sites. Environmental science and technology has its own patent technology & ndash; — A new generation of the ternary integrated semiconductor technology, a combination of the above technology. Highlight the bactericidal effect is better? How good? 1. The reserved free configuration space; 2. Semiconductor without material, using water washing to dry out, can continue to use, the effect would not be affected. Whether medical or commercial or household, medical air disinfector is worth of trust! Believe that good friends all know that not only the quality of the products used, and the service is very good also. 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