Medical plasma air sterilization machine and medical ozone air disinfector is which

by:Funglan     2020-10-10
Medical air disinfection vendors would is a larger interior space design for hospital high-power, multifunctional purification plant, from coarse filter, the filter efficiency, semiconductor device, light reaction device, nano titanium dioxide photocatalysis and efficient active carbon, anion generator, etc. Photocatalytic air purification disinfector has from spurt to completely purifying multiprogramming, can in a short period of time quickly kill viruses and bacteria in the air, the decontamination smoke abatement to smell, supplement the indoor anion. Is a good way to prevent the spread of respiratory infectious disease. Hospital and biological clean room: although in hospital, all patients and medical staff and the places, all need to have good ventilated, to control the concentration of the bacteria in indoor air to prevent infection. But for the operating room, sterile room and other places for the requirements of the indoor environment is much higher. This kind of room, usually belong to the biological clean room. The application range of the clean room at the moment, can be divided into industrial clean room and clean room. The so-called biological clean room, is refers to those in order to prevent microbial contamination for the main purpose of the clean room. Biological cleanroom and industrial clean room in the basic technology are consistent, it actually is the early development of industrial clean room technology concrete application in the field of biological purification. In the early 1960 s, the United States entered the heyday of the development of industrial clean room. At the same time, studied the mechanism of puffball coexistence of people after the confirmation, the bacteria in the air generally exist in groups, and it is attached to the dust. In general, the dust in the air, the more the more contact with dust and bacteria adhesion, spread opportunities increased. Through research confirmed that the virus is also attached to the droplets, dust; With the aid of droplets, dust as a vehicle for survival and propagation. Because the virus without complete enzyme system, can't separate substance metabolism, unable to grow on inanimate medium, there are strict parasitic, must live in a living cell to grow, rather than rely on the survival of the material combined closely. That is to say, the droplets in the air, dust control at the same time, inevitably microbes attached to the droplets and dust is under control. With the theory and the basis, from the early 1970 s, technology advanced countries, led by the United States, the large-scale industrial clean room technology is introduced into the field of microbial contamination, was born in the modern sense of biological clean room. Medical photocatalytic air sterilizer function: press & other; Photocatalytic & throughout; Key or enter the photocatalytic time period, the system on photocatalytic functions. This state is dynamic air disinfection, can coexist. Can select high, medium and low wind speed and wind. Medical plasma air sterilization machine function: when tired photocatalytic and negative ion has the total run time display function. Open the inlet cover, inside the electrical box by & other; When he feel tired & throughout; Key once, the left & the other; Open word flash & throughout; The number of hours, display photocatalytic total operation; Then, once the right & other; Open & throughout; Words flashing, displays the ozone operation hours; According to the third, according to restore the original state. Medical air sterilizer alarm function: 1. The system can automatically detect malfunction and alarm. When the photocatalytic light uv light reduced to a certain value, or a set of lights down, screen & other; Fault & throughout; Indicator, prompts you to contact after-sale service personnel to repair. 2. Air inlet filter dust too much, the system can automatically detect and prompt. The display screen & other; Filter cleaning & throughout; Indicator, prompts you to timely cleaning mesh. Medical air disinfection machine ( Also known as medical air clean screen) Is approved by the ministry of health of the People's Republic of China, through the national drug administration examination, conforms to access products, medical devices (indicate the use in medical institutions in the operating room, etc need to undertake air disinfection purification of medical equipment products. Mainly used in hospital operation room, delivery room, baby room, premature babies room, supply room sterile area, burn ward, intensive care unit, the general ward air disinfection sterilization machine. Including semiconductor air disinfector, ozone disinfection machine, ultraviolet air disinfection machine, air plasma air sterilization machine, photocatalytic air disinfection machine and so on. The sterilization effect is the best ozone air disinfector, but its safety is not high, due to human body harm of ozone, it need to be used in unattended condition. 1. Ozone air disinfector is one of the biggest advantage is to sterilize room, no dead Angle cannot reach, antivirus more thoroughly. When ozone disinfection of machine must be done in the case of no one. Ozone concentration is low, the eyes, nose and throat feel stimulation; Concentration reaches 1 - 15 PPM, can appear the symptom such as headaches and respiratory partial paralysis. Ozone toxicity and contact time, the general contact 20 parts per million concentrations less than 2 hours, no permanent damage to the human body. Don't feel comfortable, if appear to outdoor a bug, a breath of fresh air. Now in the hospital disinfection purification equipment has a man-machine coexistence of plasma air sterilization machine is more and more attention. 1. Hospital personnel ambulate more frequently, the personnel to solve the present also can effective bacteriostasis, now the new dynamic plasma air sterilization machine, in a nutshell is can in some cases, disinfection. It was born, marked a new hospital air disinfection disinfection, sterilization, and harmless to the human body.
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