Medical security hospital air disinfection machine clean environment

by:Funglan     2020-11-15
Medical security hospital air sterilizer clean environment because hospital place is special, so the environmental quality is also very high, one is the relationship between the life and health of the patient, the second is to seek treatment or accompanying officials or the health of the workers, because the hospital infection rate is quite high. First of all we are familiar with the operating room, delivery room and nursery, there are serious illness care unit, etc. , are all need the air to the strict quality control, because this kind of patient's body constitution is weak, low resistance, vulnerable to bacterial infections, so must choose medical air sterilizer, guarantee the indoor a sterile environment, clean and tidy. Second hospital every day is a lot of places to keep ventilation condition, in order to avoid bacteria breeding and spreading, but too much traffic, and place of a lot of difference to the requirement of environment from general hospital environment, such as the operating room and some bacteria chamber, so this place only by maintaining ventilation is unable to control the quality of the air, is very strict, is need by physical or chemical sterilization, to solve it, choose medical air sterilizer, is the best choice. Moreover it USES the technology of semiconductor ionization device sterilization, effect is good, sterilization is fast, high efficiency and can be used under the environment of people busy, not restricted by time, is very convenient. Environment in the production of medical air sterilization machine won the favour of many hospitals and other public places, its semiconductor patent technology is also a feature of the customer value. The principle diagram of the medical air disinfection machine domestic first-class air disinfection purification, a comprehensive service provider make fresh air. Provide all kinds of medical air sterilization machine, air disinfection purification machine, dynamic air disinfection machine, etc
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