Medical wall-mounted air disinfector filter how to clean?

by:Funglan     2020-10-29
Medical wall-mounted air disinfector is a kind of used for indoor air purification disinfection cleaner product, also can use the environment such as offices and homes. As we all know that as the filter in the long time use disinfector, there will be a great many dust adsorption and dead cells of various bacteria and viruses, the formation of dirt. This will affect the use of the wall-mounted air disinfector slowly effect and service life. Medical wall-mounted air disinfector filter how to clean? Medical wall-mounted air disinfector can effectively remove our invisible to the naked eye of pet dander, dust and other particles, you can also remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, smoke, atmosphere of bacteria, viruses and other microbes, medical air purifier anion can automatically release negative ions, promote the metabolism of human body. However, this will be our regular medical wall-mounted air disinfector clean filter. Said to clean maybe some friends will ask, this thing is too complex, we're not professional not only won't hurt, also don't know how to clean. Indeed there are many brands on the market of air disinfector, wall hung, and cabinet type suction a top, pipeline and so on, so small make up today to introduce the case of the wall under the air disinfector filter how to clean! Air disinfector purification principle and filter as shown in figure 1. Pre filter, can be useful to remove dust, fungi, animal fur, and maintain other filtering effect. Clean, clean, every month can absorb the dust with cleaner clearing skin deep first, and then wash it. 2. Semiconductor devices into bacteria in eliminating air, mould. Clean: 2 - clean 3 months to take out the water washing to dry, in situ can be installed. 3. Compound HEPA filter HEPA HEPA filter it is an internationally recognized best, HEPA asylum to delve into the initial use in nuclear power, is now in use in close laboratory, pharmaceutical production, atomic research and surgery need to Gao machine made clean. HEPA by unusually thin organic fiber non-woven capture ability, aperture of tiny particles, large adsorption capacity, high pollution to obey, and has the water absorbability, to 0. 3 micron particle purification rate for 99. 97%. That is to say: every 10000 particles, only 3 particles can penetrate HEPA filter membrane. Length is, the influence of particle filter is often obvious! If it is used to filter cigarette, then filtering results can reach 100%, due to the particle size is between 0. 5 - With micron 2 cigarettes, rather than by the HEPA filter membrane. With reference to the above steps, easy to understand, it has better effect to use with instruction manual. A new generation of wall-mounted semiconductor disinfect air disinfector using the latest technology, efficient fast and easy to clean. Service life is long. Not only clean, secure, and ten years warranty semiconductor devices. Hope medical wall-mounted air disinfector can bring you a healthy and pure and fresh environment, also can solve all kinds of after use. Good air, choose!
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