Medical wall-mounted air disinfector technology parameter and function characteristic

by:Funglan     2020-10-24
Medical wall-mounted air disinfector features: medical wall-mounted disinfection machine, static pressure release order ion, forming dynamic sterilization; Have clean air, disinfection sterilization, deodorant, mouldproof, etc, accord with the ministry of health of the technical standard for disinfection of air disinfection standard. Product features and characteristics: 1. Efficient disinfection: the rate of killing bacteria is uv lamp for 5 to 10 times; The biggest advantage is no dead corner after sterilization; No residue; 2. Unique to the Japanese original intelligent sensing technology, can monitor air quality at the same time, temperature, humidity, direct according to monitoring results, according to the detection results of intelligent operation, automatic catch dust and bacteria. 3. Broad-spectrum sterilization sex: the bacteria, mildew, virus and e. coli, almost all bacteria, microbes have thoroughly neutralising the effect; No secondary pollution; After disinfection, without any poisonous and harmful material residues. 4. Cleaning time is long: by large air volume fan delivery; Ozone gas can diffuse to reach every corner; No dead Angle; Delivery is far; Sterilizing thoroughly; 5. Advanced timing function, according to the different needs can be a single time, cycle time, and any set 6 normal work. With the function of automatic delay shutdown, equipped with all kinds of microcomputer controller control disinfection mode; Can realize the unattended work; 7. When the uv lamp fails, the standby uv lamp automatic support; 8. Medical wall-mounted air sterilizer equipment use safety, convenient operation, program automatic timing, can rapid sterilization for large workshop; Comply to level highest standards workshop you just need to boot up half an hour to reach; Medical wall-mounted air disinfector technology parameters: name said VBY - type number type B - 800 medical wall-mounted air disinfector biggest circulation air ( m3 / h) Applicable room volume (800 m3) 80 - 100 purification efficiency ( To zero. 5μ M particle concentration, / / m3) %≥ 99 noise [ db( A) ] ≤ 50 uv lamp life ( H) ≥ 8000 ultraviolet leakage ( μ w/c㎡ ) ≤ 5 the ozone concentration ( mg/m3) ≤ 0. 08 ionization device working voltage ( Kv) ± 5. 0 ~ 10. Rated power input (0 VA) ≤ 90 - environmental temperature and humidity 5℃~ 45℃勒; HR supply voltage and frequency ~ 90% AC220V & plusmn; 22v 50Hz± 0. Main application range: 5 hz products wall-mounted air disinfector is suitable for indoor environment specific homework space disinfection and air purification. Such as food factory, cosmetics factory, pharmaceutical factory, office, hospital, school, meeting rooms, archives, places of entertainment, hotel, etc. ; Food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries of the dressing room and other small space disinfection sterilization (no HVAC a clean area Due to this type of ozone generator output than small, not suitable for application in the factory or workshop, method of use: use is generally after close the doors and Windows, timing boot for 30 minutes, then automatic stop, opened the door the next morning, there will be a good room after disinfection, ozone and already all back into oxygen, instead of ozone and other peculiar smell, and the air is pure and fresh; Can remove the workshop all kinds of peculiar smell smell, etc.
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