MEP: 26.8% of children surveyed are exposed to indoor air pollution

by:Funglan     2022-01-13
Ministry of Environmental Protection: 26.8% of the surveyed children are exposed to indoor air pollution. It is now almost known to everyone that there is outdoor pollution during smog. But you know what? Our indoor air is often not ideal, and children's health is particularly vulnerable to bad indoor air. A recent survey report from the Ministry of Environmental Protection showed that 26.8% of the children surveyed were exposed to indoor air pollution caused by solid fuel cooking or heating. In order to understand the characteristics of the environmental exposure behavior of the Chinese population and improve the scientific nature of the environmental health risk assessment, the Ministry of Environmental Protection organized a national, large-scale study on the environmental exposure behavior pattern of the population for the first time during the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period. Following the release of the research results of adults (18 years old and above) in 2014, the Ministry of Environmental Protection recently released the research results of children (0-17 years old) on environmental exposure behavior patterns to the society. Zou Shoumin, director of the Science and Technology Standards Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that the impact of environmental pollution on health is not only related to the concentration and toxicity of environmental pollutants, but also closely related to people's environmental exposure behavior patterns. The behavior pattern of environmental exposure includes four aspects: one is the physiological characteristics of the human body, such as: height, weight, breathing volume, etc.; The distribution of pollution sources in the living environment; the fourth is the prevention behavior of people against exposure risks. In this study, a total of 75,519 children aged 0-17 were selected from 55 counties/districts, 165 townships/sub-districts and 316 schools in 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in my country. Zou Shoumin said that this study found that the environmental exposure behavior patterns of children in my country have the following characteristics: First, there are obvious differences in age, gender, urban and rural areas and regions in the environmental exposure behavior patterns of children in my country. Taking physical characteristic parameters as an example, in the same age group, the height/height, weight and skin surface area of u200bu200bboys in my country are higher than those of girls, urban children are higher than those in rural areas, and generally higher than other regions in North China, East China and Northeast China. Second, there is a big difference between children's environmental exposure behavior patterns and adults in my country. From the perspective of intake, children's breathing volume per unit body weight is higher than that of adults, which is 1 to 2 times that of adults. Third, there is a big difference between the behavioral patterns of children's environmental exposure in my country and children of the same age abroad. Taking outdoor activity time as an example, Chinese children are 0.8 to 4.3 times that of American children of the same age. Fourth, Chinese children face dual pressures from traditional and modern environmental health risks. Among the children in this survey, 26.8% are exposed to indoor air pollution caused by solid fuel cooking or heating, 12.7% drink groundwater, surface water or cellar water that has not been centrally treated by basic sanitation facilities, and 13.6% are around main activity places1 There are petroleum, petrochemical, coking and other high-risk enterprises in environmental health within a kilometer, and 14.6% of the main activity places have traffic arteries within 50 meters around them. Fifth, the exposure and prevention behaviors related to environmental health risks of children in my country are closely related to the educational level of the caregivers. The company has been focusing on indoor air quality improvement for fifteen years, and has successfully developed a series of products such as smoking room air purifiers and indoor air purifiers. We sincerely invite you to pay attention to respiratory health.
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