Mobile air disinfection medical-medical air purification and disinfection machine-green and environmentally friendly, trusted by disinfectants

by:Funglan     2021-03-24
Mobile air disinfection medical-medical air purification disinfection machine-green and environmentally friendly, trusted by disinfectants. At present, the mobile air disinfection machine produced by the manufacturer is very popular in the market. It is designed using the principle of indoor air circulation disinfection. The air sterilizer has a multi-angle wind function, so it will not cause short-circuiting of the air organization in the sterilized room. This wall-mounted air sterilizer can achieve the integration of man and machine, which is what consumers often say that man and machine coexist. Synchronous disinfection with air disinfection machine. The medical air circulation disinfection machine will not cause damage to the staff and the equipment in the room, is green and environmentally friendly, and realizes the air purification and disinfection under the synchronization of man and machine, and will not have to shut down the operation of the disinfector because the staff enters the disinfection room. The structure of the air disinfection machine is mainly composed of filter screen, working air duct, ultraviolet lamp tube, negative ion generator, cross flow fan, intelligent operation monitoring system, and casing. The working principle of the medical air purification and disinfection machine: the cross-flow fan draws part of the dirty air in the disinfection room into the sterilizer; the large and small dust in the air is filtered through the filter; the super ultraviolet lamp installed inside the sterilizer is counter-flowed The bacteria in the air are instantly killed; the clean air that has been filtered out of dust and killed bacteria is sent back to the disinfection room, and the clean air flows quickly for the purpose of air purification and sterilization; at the same time, negative oxygen ions refresh the air. In the mobile air disinfection machine, the ultraviolet intensity is directly related to the disinfection effect, but the pneumatic layout factors such as the air volume of the disinfector fan, the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe air outlet of the disinfector, and the air inlet and outlet methods of the disinfector cannot be ignored. A sterilizer with better comprehensive performance is a good air sterilizer, and medical air purifiers are trusted by consumers! Keywords of this site: air disinfection machine | medical air purification disinfection machine | medical air sterilizer
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