Mobile and intelligent medical air purifier

by:Funglan     2021-03-18
Medical air purifier air purification technology principles and applications 1.1 HEPA technology HEPA refers to high efficiency filters, medical air purifiers that use high efficiency filters that meet the HEPA standard to filter fine particles to achieve the effect of cleaning the air. The technology is more suitable for places with large scale and high cleanliness requirements, such as the clean room of a pharmaceutical factory. HEPA technology is the most effective technology to remove particulate matter, and its application is very simple.   Activated Carbon Technology Activated carbon is a porous material with strong adsorption capacity, not easy to dissolve, and its state is very stable. Activated carbon technology is divided into many types, all of which have the effect of purifying the air, and can also clean the odorous space, and are also widely used in water filtration and other fields.   Medical Air Purifier Negative Ion Purification Technology Negative ions can combine with suspended particles in the air to form heavy ions and settle on the ground, so it has a good air purification effect. At the same time, negative ions can also improve human immunity and promote blood circulation.   Negative ion purification technology is more common in purifiers, but the effect of removing dust is not good, because the heavy ions deposited on the ground are affected by the environment and will float and diffuse to fill the space with dust again. In practical applications, this technology is usually combined with HEPA technology to make it play a better purification effect. Ozone purification technology has strong oxidizing power of oxygen atoms and has strong destructive power for bacteria. Therefore, ozone purification technology is characterized by strong sterilization power and extremely thorough elimination of bacteria. It will not cause damage to the air like negative ion purification technology. Secondary pollution, and economical and practical. However, in view of the chemical properties of ozone itself, it will have a certain impact on human health, so this sterilization technology is not suitable for household medical air purifiers. 1.5 Photocatalyst technology Photocatalyst is a collective term for all materials with photocatalytic function. The main material representative of medical air purifier in practical application is TiO2. Its purification principle is to combine TiO2 with oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air under light irradiation. At the same time, the surface of TiO2 produces a kind of superoxide anion free radicals and hydroxide free radicals with strong oxidizing ability. The two free radicals can decompose bacteria and pollution in the air into clean oxygen and carbon dioxide.
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