Mobile cabinet air disinfection purification machine health guard in addition to formaldehyde,

by:Funglan     2020-10-17
Mobile cabinet air disinfection purification machine health guard in addition to formaldehyde, in addition to smell, deodorization, sterilization. Environmental science and technology professional, concentrate, focused on mobile air disinfector cabinet research and development, production, sales. Environmental science and technology adhere to & other; Leading technology, quality and efficient, customer first, heart honesty & throughout; The concept and quality policy. Innovation driven development, and constantly enhance the company's core competitiveness, implement the strategy of going out and face the world, excellence, continuous improvement, is the core technology. Hotline: 0769 24-hour service hotline: 81667033 13724415008 ( Thank the manager) Environmental science and technology has been committed to the mobile cabinet air disinfection purification machine technology innovation, improve the environment of medical air disinfection purification machine core competitiveness, and to get the masses of users of environmental science and technology medical air disinfection purification machine high recognition. Working principle and structure of mobile cabinet air disinfection purifier structure when the machine is mainly composed of semiconductor positive ionization device + negative ionization reaction set + semiconductor device with light waves, The early effect + work + active carbon) Composite filter, air duct work, strong ultraviolet ray lamp, negative ion, the ultra static fan, luxury miniature computer LCD operation monitoring system, chassis. Working principle of the low super static parts of the fan will be airtight room dirty air suction machine inside; By ( Early work + work + + light activated carbon catalyst, Composite filter size will be the air dust filter; Indoor air by multivariate function of each unit and complementary disinfection purification unit, can quickly kill bacteria will indoor air oxidation, adsorption harmful gas and dust in the air, decompose back into pollution-free, H2O and CO2 output and fresh air. Product disinfection function low mobile cabinet air disinfector sterilization factor: high intensity uv mirror reaction; Low broad-spectrum sterilization: for airborne bacteria, mildew, virus and e. dry bacteria, etc. ; Low sterilization categories: high intensity ultraviolet rays can kill all kinds of microbes, including bacteria breeding, spore, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsia and mycoplasma. Low residue sterilization factor: after the sterilization, disinfection factor residue. Low to realize natural bacteria killing rate is as high as in the air & ge; 99. 999%; Low efficient purification: 0 in the air. 1μ M above the tiny particles of dust removal & ge; 99. 00%. After using semiconductor product features and pollution of product parts need to rinse immediately with water; When the machine needs cleaning or maintenance have prompt on the screen. Low mobile cabinet air disinfection of air purifier someone environment dynamic disinfection, realize human-machine coexistence. Low activated carbon filter using polymer materials will be high quality activated carbon powder adhesive based on fiber filter cotton refined but become, the effective removal of benzene in the air, such as formaldehyde harmful and toxic substances. Low photocatalytic filter using nanometer ti02 and advanced production technology, and high strength under the irradiation of uv light inside the machine, can produce very strong catalytic activity, will be many harmful toxic pollutants into carbon dioxide oxidation decomposition, harmless material such as water, achieve the goal of deodorant antibacterial. Low by microcomputer and luxury LCD panel design, automatic, timing, manual three disinfection modes to choose; Low super quiet fan duct work conforms to the clean room of turbulence works, has the very good clean effect. Super low uv lamp installed in the ( Early work + work + + light activated carbon catalyst, The windward side of compound filter, function are two: one is the flow of air to instantly kill bacteria, 2 it is to remove bacteria from the adsorption stay in effect filter to suppress bacteria breeding in the filtration system. Low uv lamp life long ( The service life of the uv lamp 8000 h) 。 Product application: low hospital wards, delivery room, treatment rooms, operating room, pharmaceutical preparation, supply room, etc. 。 Low pharmaceutical factory, sterile, buffer rooms, warehouses, laboratories, studio and dressing rooms. Low food, health products workshop, production workshop, packing workshop and warehouse, etc. Low scientific research: electronic clean rooms, laboratories, computer rooms, the buffer room, warehouse. Low company: office, conference room, computer room and reception room. Low public places: office buildings, theaters, hotels, entertainment, beauty salon, bus and train. More mobile cabinet air disinfection purifier please click:
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