Network era

by:Funglan     2020-11-02
Internet development up to now is no longer a tunnel vision, is now size city county village are well-known. In a few years old kids knew digital technology network music games such as QQ chat online operation and entertainment! Less formal because of such a digital earth, just had higher financing methods, according to the raise. So what is the raise? What is the meaning of the raise? What can be done? With these questions with small make up your answer! ! ! ! The raise: refers to the public to raise, the offering, or the harmony, raising funds through public participation to complete the activity. As early as 1997, the British have the raise success, then they gathered at the scene of the piece to complete the purpose of raising funds through public participation. Modern the raise is done via the Internet and the third party payment platform, the raising activities. Modern the raise activity usually is the use of the site. Haze in recent years, more and more fierce, especially in 2015, qiu dong season PM2. Five values has been extraordinary. In the face of haze days residents can choose and buy mobile air disinfector in the home, but such as schools, public places, who can for this out of love, believe that the rich will not consider these no return of investment. Then take the school read thousands of students in the school day hard work, and where all is the holy land - researchers gathered the longest time - The classroom. So we all know that students generally spend most of their time in the classroom, so cloudy air in the classroom. Summer sweat smell the thick, doors and Windows closed shoes smelly blunt nose in winter. If there is a parent & other active duty; Throughout the raise &; , the choose and buy air sterilizer can easily solve the indoor pollution, at the same time, the teacher can give students a healthy and comfortable good teaching and learning environment. A wall-mounted air disinfector, for example, the market price of 3899 yuan, through the students' parents raise split down but is together all the children of a common summer with short sleeves. Suppose we 58 people, as a class teacher 8, a wall-mounted air sterilizer 3899 yuan, the parents of students = 66 + class teachers, so you just need to 59 yuan per person for students of teachers add a wall-mounted air disinfection machine. Think about the children to school 365 day half the time spent in the school teachers, so if the school is 182. As long as a day, five day 0. 32 yuan. But we all know how could have half a year at school? Imagine a few cents a day can return for a healthy child, so why not? Hope all the raise can really help to people in need of help, also hope to become rich life harmonious society share the raise of the Bridges. Network era implementation & quot; The raise & quot; To use a cinch, if is meaningful!
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