Neurosurgery the inpatient for air disinfection machine daily air disinfection

by:Funglan     2020-10-31
Beside small make up a real happen, that's the end of last year officially ready to go home for the holiday, the holiday season. Dongguan a belongs to subtropical regions should be the rare snow weather, but in January, 2016, 24 (scratching yukiko and small particle size as pearls. Center of changan street people, with a surprise. It is the weekend, and also in the shopping mall to choose new cotton-padded jacket, my girlfriend suddenly said to me: aunt let you on the phone. Took the phone, a cries stunned me. Straight to the taxi area, put down the phone with his girlfriend on the car I couldn't help crying. I am worried very afraid, if really happened I how to face it. She hold me said: it's okay. Can't help to tell her my dad cerebral hemorrhage. After a couple of dint, small hospitals after all equipment not neat, technology is not good. Finally go to large hospital, after several hours of rescue finally make a sigh of relief. The second day go to the inpatient observation, intensive care 24 hours a day. Went to the hospital is not the same, every day, at around 8 neurosurgery in-patient department daily air disinfection, indoor disinfection can always see a mobile air sterilizer! In the intensive care is the bathroom door for air disinfection sterilization. Thought is to just for air disinfection, on the day of the sick one week later. Until half a month after my father out of danger, then transferred to ordinary ward, hemiplegia due to cerebral hemorrhage severe aphasia urine cannot provide for oneself. Later discovered that in fact every room for the daily air disinfection purification, mobile air disinfection machine is not only convenient, and looks can take turns to use multiple room, economic and energy-saving. Small make up feel both hospital and home, regular air disinfection sterilization machine don't have to worry about, breathing the fresh air at any time. Felt his formal production sales this kind of product, so careful observation for the mobile air disinfection machine. It is not a product of the small make up company, but personal experience after feel or good brand portable air sterilizer. Low noise, no smell, energy conservation, environmental protection, easy to clean, the key is long service life. And used mobile hospital air disinfection machine life is short, older. Need to change material, smelly discharge within one meter. As to which hospital? Which brand? Here small make up hope confidentiality, hope your understanding! Hope that no matter how hospital small part can also be equipped with air sterilizer, in order to patients can recover soon, in order to avoid a secondary infection. You have a selfless love, come on, mobile air disinfector is worth of trust! This is not favor a first-hand experience! Also hope you happy every day, healthy body, all the best!
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