New type medical air purifier structure

by:Funglan     2021-02-25
With the development of my country's industrialization, the population continues to increase, and air pollution is increasing. The dust, bacteria, odor and harmful gases in the air have a direct impact on human health. At the same time, with the increase of household appliances and insufficient indoor greening, the content of negative ions that are beneficial to human health is becoming less and less. Therefore, whether the problem of indoor air quality can be effectively and thoroughly solved has gradually attracted people's attention. At present, most medical air purifiers in my country use methods such as drug disinfection, mechanical filters, ultraviolet lamp disinfection, and ozone disinfection. With the promotion and application of medical air purifiers, the above products still have shortcomings. For example: drug disinfection will cause secondary pollution, ultraviolet lamp sterilization cannot remove dust in the air, simple ozone disinfection can only be used in an unmanned environment (excessive ozone concentration is harmful to the human body), and the strong oxygen of ozone is likely to corrode indoor objects. In view of the above drawbacks, our company adopts plasma electrostatic dust removal technology, high-frequency surface discharge ozone technology, new dust removal structure, new negative ion electrode, and successfully developed a new type of medical air purifier. The main components of the whole machine are composed of four plastic shells: front cover, middle frame, rear cover and chassis. The front cover is equipped with an induced draft fan, a pre-filter, a working status display, and a remote control receiver. The middle frame is composed of dust collection layer, ozone sterilization layer, and activated carbon adsorption layer. The back cover is provided with a negative ion generating layer. The chassis is composed of a control circuit and a high-voltage power supply, and the chassis has a rotating function. 1.1 'Control circuit and high-voltage power supply At89C2051 (20 pins) is selected for the single-chip microcomputer, and 2K bytes of electrically erasable flash memory are integrated on-chip. Through programming, functions such as infrared remote control reception, digital tube display, time control, and fault alarm can be realized. The high-voltage power supply adopts the small ozone generating power supply CS-500D (frequency 25kHz) produced by our institute with an output voltage of 3500V. 1.2   induced draft fan and pre-filter layer In order to reduce the power consumption and noise of the equipment, the induced draft fan adopts a 12V high-speed low-noise fan. The pre-filter layer adopts nylon fine wire mesh, which can filter large particles of impurities in the air. The pre-filter layer can be extracted for cleaning. 1.3  electrostatic precipitator layer The electrostatic precipitator layer has a 4-layer structure. Its external dimensions are: 150mm×150mm×40mm. Layer, evenly open 50 Φ10 round holes on a 150mm×150mm stainless steel plate, weld 150mm×5mm brackets on 5 rows of round holes, and weld 50 15mm steel pins on 5 brackets. In the second layer, 50 Φ10 round holes are designed on a 150mm×150mm stainless steel plate, and the 50 round holes are required to correspond to the 50 steel pins on the first layer. The first two layers are formed by the tip of the steel needle and around the round hole to form an umbrella-shaped negative ion layer, and at the same time, a strong ion wind is formed. Umbrella discharge can be clearly seen in the dark environment. The third layer is a high-voltage anode plate, the structure is a pentagonal tile prismatic stainless steel plate, and each edge has a 5mm×100mm ventilation channel. The 4th layer has the same structure as the 3rd layer, but the 4th and 3rd layers are misaligned by one edge, which facilitates the negatively charged dust on the front and can effectively adsorb to the two high-voltage anode plates. The layers are connected by insulating pillars. In addition, in order to facilitate the cleaning of the adsorbed dust, a dust collecting box is also arranged under the dust collecting plate. 1.4  Ozone sterilization layer, activated carbon adsorption layer and negative ion layer The size of the ozone sterilization layer is 100mm×100mm×20mm semi-closed cuboid, both ends are air inlets and outlets, and two 37mm×15mm ozone ceramic sheets are installed on the top and bottom. The activated carbon adsorption layer adopts a new honeycomb-shaped integrated activated carbon with a size of 100mm×100mm×20mm, which has large ventilation, can effectively absorb residual ozone and peculiar smell in the air, has a long use time, and can be regenerated by electric heating. The generation of negative ions is composed of rope-shaped carbon fiber and negative ion power supply. The rope-shaped carbon fiber has small volume and large output, which overcomes the disadvantages of large volume and large noise of the previous negative ion electrode. 2   working principle 2.1   electrostatic dust removal principle The output terminal of the high frequency power supply (frequency 25kHz, voltage 3500V) is doubled and then connected to the negative plate, and the cathode is connected to the third layer of dust collecting plate. At this time, free electrons and negative ions escape from the corona zone and fly to the anode plate. When the dust-laden gas passes through the dust collection chamber, these negatively charged particles will continuously collide and adsorb to the dust particles in motion, so that the dust will be negatively charged. The charged dust will be under the action of the electric field. After reaching the anode plate one after another, the negative charge is absorbed by the anode plate, and the dust is deposited on the anode plate and slides down into the dust collection box. 2.2   Principle of ozone generation and sterilization When the electrode is applied with a high-frequency and high-voltage electric field, the gas is ionized, and the air generates a pulse corona discharge along the surface of the dielectric. At the same time, a high-concentration plasma is generated. The electrons and ions collide with gas molecules under the force of the extremely strong electric field. Accelerate, decompose oxygen molecules into monoatomic oxygen within 10ns, and combine oxygen atoms with oxygen molecules to form ozone within 10ns. Ozone has a strong oxidizing ability. It can destroy and decompose the cell wall of bacteria, and quickly diffuse into the cell wall, oxidize and destroy intracellular enzymes, and kill the mycoplasma, thereby achieving instant sterilization. At the same time, ozone can oxidize and decompose harmful organics, carcinogens (such as formaldehyde HCHO) and peculiar smells (component C12H22O) in indoor air that are harmful to humans, and decompose them into CO2, O2, H2O.
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