New Year new home decoration first choice which in addition to formaldehyde air disinfection machine?

by:Funglan     2020-11-06
China's local folk culture each are not identical, to build new homes, live in bridal chamber to celebrate each are not identical, but only the same is home to figure a family harmony, xing's wealth, the good crop weather, the grain and make it plentiful and children over auspicious. So in addition to this for us to a new generation of young people, not only for customs, and pay attention to the new house decoration decoration. So small make up today with everybody together discuss about new homes in the New Year decoration first choice which air sterilizer in addition to formaldehyde? Relatively hot summer and cold winter is known to all, central air conditioning and wall-mounted air-conditioner is everyone will choose cold heat dissipation of household electrical appliances. As we all know that many new homes now decorate allow central air-conditioning installation location, or wall-mounted air-conditioner installation location. As air pollution, many city township areas began to install the central air conditioning air disinfector, so especially frequent fog haze weather region, whether pipeline, central air conditioning type, or a wall, and cabinet type suction a top air sterilizer installed are crazy. Many residents as initially did not obligate decoration installation position, so we have to start opening installation, even struggle. The fog haze weather and air pollution in recent years tells us that the new house must consider to leave a position for air purification disinfector, for a rainy day. Maybe some friends think it consider too early, let the cost of human resources, and space. But in modern times has developed rapidly, serious air pollution, prevention is not necessarily a bad thing. The man without thought will! New Year new atmosphere to decorate bridal chamber to want to beauty, to health! , most new homes built in our country are disturbing normal play, choose the zodiac is in bridal chamber, so here the different decoration and have played an important role in health angel, for residents eager to new homes can help to remove such as formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia indoor residual powder paint, decoration, household release harmful gases, at the same time can guarantee the late home and coating release of harmful gas. can not only purify air, fresh air, and can destroy bacteria, and viruses. Intelligent era, intelligent household. New homes in the New Year new atmosphere is decorated should also not the same! I hope everyone can have a happy family, a harmonious family environment health!
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