No medical air disinfection machine have?

by:Funglan     2020-10-10
Medical air disinfection machine, although in the Chinese market soon, but have been popular in foreign countries. Due to comply with and human demand for environmental air purification disinfection, so soon because it is well known, but disputes over medical air disinfection machine also rise one after another, many ordinary consumers will have any questions & other No medical air disinfection machine have? ” 。 The answer is & other; Useful & throughout; , then small make up will lead us to get to know the working principle of medical air disinfection machine, finally help you to understand, what medical air disinfection machine, the useless and lead you to understand the principle of several mainstream of air disinfector technology on the market. Use of medical air sterilization machine, is mostly used for medical improve indoor air quality and create a healthy and comfortable hospital operating room is very effective. Use in hospital air disinfection machine can't say no effect, but for medical air sterilizer compared said: & other; Does little & throughout; 。 It is also a medical air disinfection machine is unanimously recognized many hospitals. Increased medical air sterilizer adopts many kinds of air disinfection purification technology to improve the operating room, room air quality: must be in outdoor air heating or cooling to room temperature and cost a lot of energy. In general, medical air disinfection machine part is composed of shell, purification, fan, electric control of four parts. There are mainly plays the leading role multi-layer filter, air disinfection technology and fan parts. Can see dozens of air purification technology on the market at present the principle, the different filtration system for air purification and disinfection of air disinfection machine, generally can be divided into mechanical, electrostatic, negative oxygen ion type, physical adsorption and chemical adsorption or former several forms of two or more types of combination. There is also a semiconductor air purification disinfection technology widely circulated. A few introduce below small make up for all the market most used purification technology of air sterilizer: 1, mechanical air disinfection machine. Using porous filter material, such as non-woven, filter paper and fiber air particulate matter intercept down, make the air purification. It is mainly by the filter structure into a dust collecting device and blower parts. The characteristics of large amount of dust dust removal efficiency is high, the capacity and long service life, in a common family, concentration of particles in the air in the office is very low, long running don't have to change the filter material. Dust, bacteria, and allergic particle material is one of the important factors affecting indoor air quality, and is easy to remove. 2, electrostatic air disinfection machine. Using the principle of anode corona discharge, make the air particulate matter positively charged, and then by means of the coulomb force function, the charged particle capture in the dust collecting device and purify air. It consists of ionization device, dust collecting device, blower and power supply etc. The dedusting efficiency is higher, can capture less than 0. 01μ m ~ 0。 1μ M around the particles. But its drawback is that need high voltage power supply, dust collecting device of the small amount of dust and generally 1 ~ 2 weeks the dust collecting device must be clean. 3, negative oxygen ion air disinfection machine. Strong electric field caused by using artificial method, the neutral molecules in the air is lost a outer electrons, the molecules become basic positive ions, lost electrons and another neutral molecules become negative from basic, then combined with some neutral molecules become negative ions. According to the study, is beneficial to human body negative oxygen ions, make the person feel the air is fresh. Negative ion method also can produce ozone, and to remove dust and harmful gases indoor air without help. And ozone generator can't man-machine room, so not very convenient to use. 4, photocatalytic air disinfection machine. Catalyst plating on a specific carrier, with a particular wavelength of ultraviolet light irradiation catalyst. Through the role of fan, air containing harmful gas with specific speed through the catalyst, the catalyst carrier under ultraviolet light, and the harmful gas produces chemical reaction, to achieve the purpose of purification. The disadvantage is that if the catalyst pore blockage, will greatly reduce its purification efficiency. The above four kinds of air disinfection machine are using common air disinfection machine principle, but there are also many at the same time, the above two or above technology principle of air disinfection machine reach & other; Medical & throughout; The level of air disinfection machine. Here you can say medical air disinfection machine to use?
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