On the rational use of cabinet air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-11-14
Life is the life of any kind of product in the limited, but there are also related to the user. It depends on how you can reasonable use cabinet air disinfection machine. Reasonable use will also improve life of the cabinet air sterilizer, not reasonable use will cause the opposite result. Small make up take you to see, first of all, we in the use of cabinet air disinfection machine must pay attention to the using place, using time, concrete situation. For example: location: the hospital. Use time: according to the size of the space setting time, such as 30 square meters of space, need to boot up 3 hours a day. Details: according to the hospital sick case classification, such as: burn ward, intensive care unit, blood disease, therapeutic ward, dressing room, Icu, infection wards to under the guidance of medical staff in the use of air purification disinfection machine. The picture is as follows: so on cabinet air disinfection machine used by medical staff should pay attention to what? We all know that home appliances produce voltage 220 v, so air purification disinfection machine produce voltage up to 10000 v, even higher. So at this time to pay attention to the use of safe, to put the empty cabinet air disinfection machine in dry and ventilated place, away from the easy to damp or often put kettle, hot water bottle. And when the paramedics open air purification disinfection machine, to keep a safe distance, tell patients themselves and their families, pay attention to safety, do not contact or conveniently placed directly above items in a cabinet air disinfection machine, in case of electric shock. So that not only have high risk, and affect the outlet to release oxygen. The last is to pay attention to the filter on cleaning, in shutdown cleaning for peace, unplug the power, to prevent electric shock, to know it's a 10000 v high voltage. Virus bacteria can breakdown, eliminate as dust, and is flesh and blood? Clean air disinfection machine can improve the quality of filter, improve air quality, improve the service life.
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