Open air purification disinfection machine at the same time open the window, right

by:Funglan     2020-11-18
Open air purification disinfection machine at the same time open some Windows right air disinfection machine at the same time open a window that opened it is wrong to maintain indoor air fresh, why? Like the open air conditioning window is not desirable. Has problem of managing the sources of energy not only, and open the window, indoor impermeability and destroys, air purifier purify ability will drop, especially the outdoor air is dirty, with HEPA purification, outdoor air disinfection machine can greatly shorten the life of her, don't open air purification disinfection machine, in order to improve the airtight indoor freshness, can choose outdoor atmosphere relatively clean every day, you can open a window ventilated, air purification disinfection machine needs to be closed at this time. Whether you need air purification disinfection machine closed doors and Windows, in the long run, will be a lack of oxygen? In an airtight indoor and ventilated bad, doors and Windows closed, after a long time can lead to excessive carbon dioxide levels in the first place. The bedroom of 15 square metre, two people sleep a night, the concentration of carbon dioxide will increase, more than standard, indoor carbon dioxide from the air does not generally high concentrations of toxic, common sense don't think the carbon dioxide with toxic substances, but when the concentration of indoor carbon dioxide beyond a certain range, can produce harm to human body, and the possible synergism with other air pollutants. Environmental science and technology professional research and development, the production of medical air sterilization machine, commercial air purification disinfection machine, dynamic air sterilizer, plasma air disinfection machine, central air conditioning air disinfector series products, welcome to this web site calls advisory details.
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