Parsing air disinfection and common several kinds of filtration of air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-10-15
Parsing air disinfection and several common filtration of air disinfection machine in many hospitals, schools, public places such as the densely populated place, air quality than people not rare elegant environment, although this is inevitable personnel gathered, but we can through the air disinfection machine for air disinfection. That how to proceed with air purification disinfection? The following share air disinfection technologies with small make up together? 1. One of the high voltage electrostatic common air purification technology: using high voltage causes the microbial ionization gives charge, using the collecting plate adsorption. With the increase of using time, collecting board on the cumulative decline in efficiency that pollution particles, must often clean ( General environment of normal use its longest interval must not exceed 90 days) 。 2. Efficient activated carbon used a kind of air purification materials, mainly used for adsorption of trace toxic gas in the air. Peacetime use of activated carbon is given priority to with physical adsorption, adsorption ability is limited, and easy to cause secondary pollution. When in saturated adsorption gas, put in relatively clean air, it often happened already released toxic relish gas adsorption to the situation, pollute the environment. 3. HEPA efficient filter can be simply defined as a way to remove the air & ge; 0. 3μ Efficiency of particles in the 99 m. More than 98% of the dry filters, high efficiency air filter, improve air quality. 4. Anion after lose or gain electrons atoms or radicals formed by charged particles called ions, negative ions is refers to take one or more of the negative ion, which is also called & other Anionic & throughout; 。 Certain molecules under special circumstances, can form ions, such as oxygen ion state for anionic commonly, also called negative oxygen ion. The positive and negative ions in the air according to the size of the mobility is divided into large, medium and small three kinds of ions. Has good biological activity of the anion of small size, easy to through the human body blood brain barrier, enter human body exert its biological effects. The use of high voltage so that pollutants negatively charged, adsorption in the interior walls, furniture and floor etc. This way will produce large amounts of oxygen and produce secondary pollution, increase the burden of clean. 5. Widely used ultraviolet (uv) in the last century 20 s. Investigate ultraviolet disinfection effect is the main factor is the product of uv intensity and irradiation time, the exposure metering ( Not suitable for use in air duct) 。 Environmental humidity and temperature for uv disinfection effect has a great influence. Catalyst is also called light catalysis, whose basic principle is: give priority to with nano titanium oxide catalyst materials under the excitation of ultraviolet light, catalytic decomposition of chemical pollutants in the air, with sterilization function. 6. Semiconductor ionization device by hundreds of millions of volts voltage clicking in cell membrane and cell wall of bacteria and viruses, injuries or death, the semiconductor is negative ionization ionization, light reaction device, semiconductor and junior high school of hepa filter. Now we know the air disinfection in 6 kinds of common disinfection technologies, let's look at how they equipped with several kinds of filtering technology? which filtering technology commonly used? 1, coarse filter spacer large particles in the air, can use repeatedly washing. 2, electrostatic dust collection device to collect suspended particles, such as smoke, pollen, large dust mites, bacteria. 3, activated carbon absorption odor or decorate in the air caused by gaseous organic pollutants, such as service life generally for three to six months, need to be replaced periodically. 4, high efficiency filter small amounts of residual suspended particles, service life is commonly 3 ~ 6 months, need to be replaced periodically. 5, photocatalytic reactor filter other layer not filter out bacteria, dust mites, peculiar smell, gaseous pollutants into other harmless substance reaction, the original harmful material to a minimum. This life for 2 years. In addition to the above, a lot of air disinfection machine and anion generator and semiconductor cleaning device, it is also important method to improve the quality of the air. Sells on the market of air disinfection machine, all using the purification disinfection technology, not generally USES one or several kinds of technology, have special offer is not fully functional products must be good, to consider different demand and price. like air conditioning, need according to different choice of different specifications, the use of space is also related to the use of air volume, when people in a state of relatively closed space, open air disinfection machine, continuous use of the purification of the air has the obvious effect. Usually no matter whether we use air disinfection machine, must strengthen the consciousness of indoor and ventilated, flat to increase the new air volume, let the fresh air is always around you! Look carefully air disinfection and several common filtration of air disinfection machine technology are same, different is the front is about principle, the following said is purification disinfection effect and service life. Hope this article can help to increase our understanding of air disinfection machine more!
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