Pay attention to the health of your breathing air, and the special air purifier for smoking room can solve your problems!

by:Funglan     2022-01-13
If you want to breathe healthy air and avoid respiratory related diseases, have you paid attention to the air quality problems around you? We all know the meaning of air to us, especially for people with respiratory diseases, a healthy air environment is necessary, and today's air quality problems are not small, haze, air pollution, dust, smoke and other harmful, toxic, odor The emergence of air purifiers is to solve this problem, and for individuals, you need a smoking room air purifier. For the chaotic air environment in the company office, our company designed the special air purifier for smoking room to be used as a truly effective exclusive air purifier, not the self-soothing desktop that only uses USB power supply and has a pitifully small CADR value. air purifier. The conference room desktop air purifier designed by our company has a beautiful appearance and can accommodate multiple people to absorb smoke at the same time. The fan energy source of the body inside the table continuously draws the smoke and exhaust air, and then evenly distributes the air through the deflector at the other outlet. Dispersing the purified air is the most important point for desktop air purifiers. The product design of the conference room desktop air purifier designed by our company can be used for conference office, which can effectively remove odor, filter PM2.5 particles, and other air purification functions. Our conference room desktop air purifier product can be said to be a product that was born in time. It is mainly aimed at the desktop and can be conveniently used in offices or conference rooms. No longer need to be troubled by someone smoking, and no need to be afraid Dust and I dare not open the window all day long.
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