Performance and characteristics of medical plasma air disinfection and purification machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-10
Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. is a collection of plasma air sterilizer, plasma disinfection machine, plasma air sterilizer, medical plasma disinfection machine, air purification disinfection machine, plasma disinfection machine, medical plasma disinfection machine, medical air disinfection research and production , Sales, installation and after-sales service as a professional company. The company has advanced production equipment and high-tech talents, and constantly explores and innovates on the road of development, and has made indelible contributions to the promotion of environmental protection, medical and health, pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries. The function of the medical plasma air disinfection and purification machine: 1. Sterilization factor: high-pressure plasma, ultraviolet rays. 2. Sterilization mechanism: The shearing force of electrical energy generated by the action of high-pressure plasma on the surface of various bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms is greater than the surface tension of the cell membrane, which destroys the cell membrane and causes the death of microorganisms; at the same time, high-intensity ultraviolet rays can be selected for synergistic sterilization. 3. Sterilization category: to kill natural bacteria in the air and airborne pathogenic bacteria. 4. Residual amount of disinfection factor: After disinfection, no disinfection factor remains. 5. The killing rate of Staphylococcus albicans is ≥99.9%. 6. The extinction rate of natural bacteria in the air is ≥90%. Features of medical plasma air disinfection and purification machine: 1. A variety of air purification methods to reduce dust particles in the air. This machine uses our company's independent research and development for low resistance, large ventilation, large dust holding capacity, and high filtration efficiency for air purification. (Initial effect + intermediate effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter. 2. Dynamic disinfection of air in a human environment to realize the coexistence of man and machine. 3. The activated carbon filter is refined by using high polymer material to adhere high-quality activated carbon powder on the basis of fiber filter cotton, which can effectively remove harmful and toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde in the air. 4. High-pressure plasma is used to decompose and break bacteria, filter and adsorb dust, and can choose high-intensity ultraviolet rays for synergistic sterilization. The treated clean air circulates quickly, so that the controlled environment of the product is kept in a 'sterile clean room.' 'standard requirement. 5. High-efficiency sterilization, high-pressure plasma sterilization effect is extremely strong, and the action time is short. 6. Efficient degradability, while the multifunctional air disinfector disinfects the air, it can also degrade harmful and toxic gases in the air (formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, xylene). At the same time, it can efficiently remove smoke, smoke and other pollutants. 7. The working air duct of the ultra-quiet fan conforms to the turbulent working mode of the clean room, and has a good cleaning effect. 8. Ultraviolet lamp and high-pressure plasma have long service life (the service life of ultraviolet lamp is 8000h, and the service life of high-pressure plasma is 15000h).
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