Photocatalytic air disinfection device of the six major characteristics

by:Funglan     2020-11-20
Photocatalytic air disinfection device fork said the six characteristics of photocatalytic technology photocatalytic technology. In terms of air purification, photocatalysis has antibacterial, sterilization, mouldproof function of anticorrosion, deodorant, in addition to the mei. Since 1972, found that radiation Tiq surface can occur since the REDOX reaction of continuously throughout the &; , because of the technology, under uv irradiation at room temperature to many organic nervous dye oxidation into non-toxic harmless O2 and Hz0 under attention around the world. Commonly used in central air conditioning air disinfector in modern society. Photocatalysis is developed for nearly 30 years the emerging study field. Photocatalytic materials under the light, can be activated by photons, realize the flow of electrons or holes and strong oxidation on the surface ( Or) Reduction, namely under the photocatalytic reaction system will absorb the light energy into chemical energy directly, the reaction of many usually difficult to achieve in mild conditions can run smoothly. Since the 80 s, people began to look at the light catalytic application in environmental pollution control, because the technology can effectively destroy many structure stable biological refractory pollutants, compared with the traditional water treatment technology, has obvious advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and pollutant degradation thoroughly, easy to operate and photocatalytic technology, no secondary pollution, it has become an important application prospect of environmental governance method, caused the wide attention of scholars both at home and abroad. People have so far for the various types of photocatalytic reaction conducted extensive research, has obtained certain achievement. At present, the photocatalysis is widely used in solar cells, the sterilization, environmental purification, many aspects, such as health care, has shown great potential and long life. Photocatalytic purification technology has six features: 1. Depth of reaction at low temperature. Photocatalytic oxidation can be at room temperature will complete oxidation of organic pollutants in water, air and soil into harmless substances. The traditional high temperature burning technology requires to pollutants can be destroyed at high temperatures, which USES conventional also need a few baidu high temperature catalytic oxidation method. 2. Clean thoroughly. It directly to the organic pollutants in the air, completely oxidized into harmless substances, leave no secondary pollution, the current widely used activated carbon adsorption decomposition of pollutants, not only transfer the pollution sources. 3. Green energy. Photocatalysis can use sunlight as an energy source to activate the light catalyst, drive REDOX reaction, and the light catalyst is not consumed in the reaction process. In terms of energy, this feature makes the photocatalytic technology more attractive. 4. REDOX ability. A large number of studies have shown that the semiconductor photocatalysis has the characteristics of strong oxidizing, to the ozone oxidation of certain organic matter such as chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, hexachlorobenzene can effectively be decomposition, so has a special meaning for difficult to degradation of organic matter, effective photocatalytic oxidant hydroxyl radicals ( 哦) , OH a slaughter is higher than common ozone, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate oxidation, hypochlorous acid, etc. 5. Broad spectrum. Photocatalytic acid in from hydrocarbon to the many kinds of organic compounds are effective, the United States environmental protection agency (epa) released the nine categories of 114 kinds of pollutants have been confirmed can be obtained by photocatalytic treatment, and even for atomic organic matter such as halogenated hydrocarbon, dye, chlorinated organic compounds, organic phosphorus pesticides also have very good removal effect, generally after continuous reaction can achieve complete purification. 6. Life is long. In theory, the life of the catalyst is infinitely long. The current international for air conditioning Han resistant material basically has: ( l) Nano titanium oxide photocatalytic materials; ( 2) Nano silver; ( 3) Cold catalyst; ( 4) Enzyme; ( 5) Catechin, etc. On the extensive investigation on antibacterial material, found that in addition to the photocatalytic titanium dioxide and nano silver outside these two kinds of material, several other material performance failed to confirm. Ti0 is a kind of widely used in catalysis, sensors, cosmetic, photographic materials, ceramic additives, in the field of electronic engineering and other important inorganic materials, compared with other semiconductor materials, has the following advantages: ( ” Can be directly used to sunlight, fluorescent lamp contains ultraviolet light; ( 2) Has good resistance to light corrosion resistance and chemical stability; ( 3) REDOX ability is strong, have higher photocatalytic activity; ( 4) Tioz for a lot of organic pollutants has strong adsorption; ( 5) Tioz and non-toxic, low cost. Therefore, Ti0 become by far the most widely used photocatalytic jing. Environment in central air conditioning air disinfector device series photocatalytic air disinfection device, main application installed in the pipeline, the wind ark, tuyere, can quickly full odor removal bacteria harmful gas air pollutants, perfectly the air pure and fresh and clean.
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