Photocatalytic purification of air disinfection disinfection technology

by:Funglan     2020-10-23
Photocatalytic technology combines technology and catalytic oxidation decomposition technology, using unique wide band light and super metal catalysts, generates super purification, purification of gas can be quickly comprehensive odor removal bacteria harmful gases, air pollutants such as perfectly the air pure and fresh and clean. Photocatalytic technology principle: using nanometer titanium dioxide as catalyst, activated by uv light, free electrons and electron hole, generate strong light oxidation reduction function, can be oxidative decomposition of various organic compounds and some inorganic matter, destroy bacteria and viruses of cell membranes and curing viral protein, destroy their cell membrane and cell wall, killed and decompose into carbon dioxide and water; There is also strong decontamination and deodorization function. In the process of photocatalytic reaction, first of all, electron and electron hole in the surface of nano titanium dioxide, electron hole will be attached to the water oxidation on the surface of the titanium dioxide into hydrogen and oxygen free radicals; And electronic oxygen reduction in the air, make it become a super oxide ions. Hydrogen and oxygen free radicals and super oxide ion will decompose organic compounds on the surface of the nanometer titanium dioxide oxidation, organic compound of intermediates of atoms and molecules to produce radical chain reaction, was finally oxygen consumption, be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide. Photocatalytic air purification disinfection sterilization machine integration technology and optimization of structure: ( 1) Product structure and the integrated photocatalytic net by light and ultraviolet (uv) form the vertical Angle, light, the strongest reaction fully, photocatalytic net surface area, the largest wind resistance is small, the function of science intelligent structure configuration, control program and effective safety protection devices, organic to filter dust removal, activated carbon fiber adsorption, ultraviolet sterilization of catalyzed with nano network at the same time, photocatalytic decomposition of pollutants and disinfection, sudden drop suspended particles, added indoor anion anion and ozone disinfection combined into a variety of purification technologies such as fast efficient purification disinfection process, can be long-term, stable and safe operation, easy operation and maintenance. ( 2) Workflow products: under the action of a strong fan, a large amount of air inhaled air inlet, through the filter filter out dust and particulate matter, then through activated carbon fiber three-dimensional network after oxidation, adsorption gas into a web of nano titanium dioxide and photocatalytic chamber of uv lamp, adequately REDOX reaction, destroy viruses and bacteria cell membranes and cell wall, decompose toxic and harmful substances, generates carbon dioxide and water, anion generator uninterrupted supply reduced as a result of negative ion indoor seal, make the air fresh, eliminate indoor personnel fatigue because of the lack of negative ions. Photocatalytic air sterilizer application: 1, enterprises and institutions in public places: enterprise sewage treatment, community property company ( Cooperation) And movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, recreation, hair salons, beauty salon, public baths, nursing homes, hospitals, sterile room, station waiting area, size, recreation room, warehouse and hotel, the guesthouse guest room etc. 2, factory production and processing requirement industry: the production workshop, packing workshop, garage, overalls, etc. 3, station waiting areas and hotels, hotel guest room, computer room, warehouse daily disinfection, removal of formaldehyde, toluene, petrol, cigarette smoke, sweat, mold and other peculiar smell, can reach the effect of cleaning the air at the same time.
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