Pig air disinfection machine to pig considerate care!

by:Funglan     2020-11-12
With the development of The Times, the air pollution. A variety of flu, there is no doubt a disaster for pig industry. This back a few days to Taiwan swine flu, many provinces in China also found that the flu. So bird flu is a pathogenic, low pathogenic, highly pathogenic, transmission is fast, dangerous disease. Pork is one of the main table, every day the slaughter of ten thousand pigs supply market demand. This will cause a topic, that can assure a pig is healthy? Yes, we all don't know if health, but most of the pork or inspection qualified products by the relevant departments of the state. Pig farm we all know that taste is heavy, especially pig flavor is very thick. Now many pig farms are also beginning to science and technology, when designing buildings is considered good air sterilizer installation location, so also can give the pig farms to remove part of the installation before using materials from the trace harmful gas such as formaldehyde, toluene. Pig air sterilizer features: 1. Wide choices configurable: multiple choice, let use more intimate. 2. The man-machine coexist, circulation field air, won't keep daily care; 3. Broad-spectrum sterilization, the airborne bacteria, mildew, virus and escherichia coli, etc; 4. Energy conservation and environmental protection: dust collection methods, harmful waste gas processing can realize the recycling of content; 5. Intelligent control: using Japan imported gas, particle, a variety of sensing technology such as oxygen, startup and shutdown automatic control. Daily work: 1. Ann in the channel pig air disinfection machine, the regular disinfection sterilization purify air. 2. Regular cleaning air disinfection machine filtering devices such as filters, semiconductor devices, etc. 3. According to pigs to boot disinfection purification air, based on the air conditions to ensure the quality of indoor air, to prevent bird flu. The market at present is the air disinfection machine, more and more air purifier, but no matter how many. Key to see the effect, so small make up recommend brand air disinfection machine, style, more selective. The key is the quality of the products, treatment effect is good. Also in where? Not agents, dealers, is the domestic well-known manufacturers.
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