Plasma air disinfection machine can control the home installs the formaldehyde pollution

by:Funglan     2020-10-18
Plasma air disinfection machine can produce formaldehyde pollution control home outfit? According to experts, China's incidence of childhood asthma is 2 & ndash; 5%, among which 1 & ndash; Up to 85% of children at the age of five. Pay attention to children's health, control environmental pollution harm to children. The formaldehyde pollution control home outfit also cannot be ignored! Plasma air sterilization machine is for air disinfection sterilization machine. In addition to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, spores, such as the so-called sterilization, some models can also remove the formaldehyde in the indoor air, phenol etc organic pollution gas, remove the PM2. 5 but also can kill or filtering pollen allergy source, etc. At the same time, the tobacco smoke, and smoke, bad smell of toilet, body odor, remove. Effectively increase the air cleanliness of product, at present to remove indoor air pollution in the residential and commercial air purifier. Plasma air sterilization machine is used to purify indoor air, small electrical home appliances products, mainly to solve because decorate or other causes of indoor air pollution problem. Due to the release of pollutants in indoor air with persistence, and the characteristics of uncertainty, so using air purifying indoor air purification sterilization machine is internationally recognized as the way to improve indoor air quality. Plasma air sterilization machine has a variety of different techniques and medium, enable it to provide clean and safe air. Commonly used in air purification technology are: asymmetric plasma air cleaning technology at low temperature, adsorption, negative ion, negative oxygen ion technology, molecular complexation, photocatalytic technology, HEPA efficient filtration, electrostatic dust collection technology, active oxygen technology, etc. ; Materials technology mainly include: light catalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fiber, HEAP efficient materials, anion generator, etc. The current domestic market more than the existing air purifier for compound, which USES a variety of purification technology and material medium at the same time. Plasma air disinfection machine can produce formaldehyde pollution control home outfit, someone found in practice, almost all of the household air purifier in third-party tank test in the laboratory environment, to be able to have a higher removal rate, and with the use of time, finally can meet the limits set by the state standards, 0. 1mg/m3. But the same plasma air sterilization machine to get the new decorating a room, in the open air purification disinfection machine test, the results compared with the laboratory tests, the purification efficiency is greatly reduced, and it is difficult to reach zero. The national standard of 1 mg/h, what reason is this? After analysis found tank test in the laboratory environment, to a certain concentration of formaldehyde using artificial, formaldehyde pollution sources to remove, and then open the plasma air sterilization machine at this point, the formaldehyde in tank in the environment is limited, removal of formaldehyde in the process of plasma air sterilization machine there would be no new formaldehyde, in this way, as long as there is enough time, in the cabin environment formaldehyde concentration will tend to be minimal, in completely different user field test conditions, the decoration of the room source of formaldehyde release is always there. The plasma purifying air sterilizer, formaldehyde to release, plasma air disinfection purification efficiency is higher. The faster the formaldehyde release. The purification efficiency of the Buddha in a plasma air sterilization machine and formaldehyde release rate for a game, plasma air disinfection purification efficiency is greater than that of formaldehyde release rate. Dongguan environmental technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production and operation of medical air sterilization machine, air disinfection machine, plasma air sterilization machine, commercial air disinfection machine, household air disinfection machine, air sterilization machine, air purification, air disinfection purifier, central air conditioning air disinfector, central air conditioning air disinfection purifier. Purification disinfection is an organic whole, is your ideal choice! Reasonable prices, excellent products, always stick to the path of independent innovation, insist on & other Leading technology, quality and efficient, customer first, keep about & other; Philosophy and quality policy, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of the company.
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