Plasma air disinfection machine for food workshop

by:Funglan     2021-03-03
Plasma air sterilizer for food workshop [Safety guarantee] How can Xi'an air purifier    food and beverage factory in the food and beverage production process more effectively prevent the microbial content in food and beverage from not exceeding the relevant national standards? Microbial contamination in the production and processing of food and beverage factories includes two ways: internal contamination of food and beverages and external contamination of food and beverages: 1. The internal contamination of food and beverages during processing in the production workshop of food and beverage factories refers to the food and beverage raw materials themselves. Carrying of microbial contamination. 2. The external food pollution during the production and processing of the food and beverage factory workshop refers to the secondary pollution in the production process, that is, the microbial pollution caused by the equipment used in the production, the air environment of the production workshop, and the production operators. '' Plasma air disinfection machine for food workshops is an air purification, disinfection and sterilization product that can be operated in a human environment. When air purification and disinfection are performed on the production workshop of a food and beverage factory, the operator does not need to leave The production workshop, that is, in the production situation where humans and machines coexist, kill bacteria, molds and other microorganisms in the air of the production workshop. The air disinfection machine used in the food workshop has the advantages of green, environmental protection and side effects, and can guarantee the production workshop of the food and beverage factory. Air quality.   for food workshop-plasma air disinfection machine for intelligent food workshop, has been used in many food and beverage factories all over the country. Customers who use air sterilizers for food workshops include: bakery food companies, meat processing plants, beverage plants, aquatic product deep processing plants, canned food manufacturers, dairy products and other food and beverage manufacturers. Design free installation drawings of air purification and disinfection machines for food and beverage plants, and design air purification and disinfection technical solutions for food and beverage plants. Air purification and disinfection machine-sensory control intelligent food workshop uses plasma air disinfection machine to help food safety, protect food and beverage factory production workshops from microbial pollution, improve the air quality of food factory production workshops, and make an indelible contribution to the development of food and beverage processing industry contribution. For more air sterilizers for food workshops (plasma air sterilizers for food workshops), please see: There are wall-mounted (wall-mounted, wall-mounted) food workshop air sterilizers, mobile (hand-push, cart-type) food Workshop air disinfection machine, vertical cabinet type (vertical type, cabinet type) mobile dynamic purification and disinfection machine [plasma air disinfection machine for food workshop], ceiling type (ceiling type, ceiling type, embedded) air disinfection machine for food workshop 〔Plasma air disinfection machine for food workshop〕 and other styles, the style is complete, there is always one suitable for you. for food workshop] is suitable for use in the production workshop of food and beverage factories. It has the advantages of strong sterilization, thorough disinfection, no dead ends, larger scope of application, intelligent operation, etc. It can also be operated under human conditions, continuous type The air purification and disinfection can better prevent secondary food pollution, and a variety of operating modes ensure food production safety.
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